Insect Stamp of St.Helena

St.Helena is the colony in Britain, is on the southern Atlantic Ocean located in 1800 miles from Brazil and 1200 miles from Angola. St.Helena Island is 10 miles length and 6 miles width and is famous as a place of production of high-class coffee. Moreover, it is famous also as an island sink of Napoleon of France. Napoleon and the British Prussia Netherlands Allied Forces fought a decisive battle in small village Waterloo in present Belgium in June 1815, and Napoleon was defeated completely. Consequently, Napoleon was passed in this British St.Helena Island in October, and died in 1821.
Four kinds of stamps which drew large-sized insect St.Helena Ground Beetle of the St.Helena Island specialty, St. Helena Striped Earwig, etc. in 1982 were issued. Four kinds of stamps which drew insect St.Helena Shield-backed Bug of the St.Helena Island specialty etc. as secondary insect stamps were issued in following 1983.
One piece of small seat including one kind of stamp which it drew St. Helena Striped Earwig on was issued in 1995.

1975.10.20 St.Helena animal publication 100year commemorative stamp
Melliss Beetle
Mellissius adumbratus

1982.1.4 Insect Stamp
St.Helena Dragonfly
Sympetrum dilatatum
St.Helena Ground Beetle
Aplothorax burchelli
Cockroach Wasp
Ampulex compressa
St. Helena Striped Earwig
Labidura herculeana

1983.4.22 Secondary Insect Stamp
Death's Head Hawk Moth
Acherontia atropos
St.Helena Shield-backed Bug
Helenasaidula aberrans
Click Beetle
Anchastus compositarum
Lamprochrus cossonides

1995 Striped Earwig Stamp Short Sheet
St. Helena Striped Earwig
Labidura herculeana

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