Insect Stamp of Peru

Peru is a country in the Left Coast of the South America which prospered as a center of state of things Inca Empire. Inca Empire was destroyed in 1533 by Spain and was governed by Spain for 300 years afterward and declared independence in 1820. However, I was defeated by a dust in the Pacific Wars from 1879, and the rule system by the latifundist followed until 1950's and had to wait for the birth of the government of the democracy until 1963.
One piece of small seat consisting of four kinds of insect stamps was issued in 2007 by this Peru.

Republic of Peru
2007.10.1 Insect Stamp
Macrodontia Longhorn Beetle
Macrodontia cervicornis
Hercules Beetle
Dynastes hercules

Titan Longhorn Beetle
Titanus giganteus
Elephant Beetle
Megasoma elephas

2014.11.5 Insect Stamp
Moth Fly
Sycorax peruensis

2018.1.22 Insect Stamps
Ichneumon Wasp
Sicophion yana
Scarab Beetle
Ancognatha corcuerai

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