Insect Stamp of Kenya

Kenya is the country where the equator lies across the center of the country in eastern Africa. The Area of this country is 1.5 times of Japan and this country faces the Indian Ocean. It is about the 15th century that Vasco da Gama visited this place that prospered in trade as the pivot of traffic. It became the U.K. territory at the end of 19th century, and a follower received it as a colony from 1920. It achieved independence in 1963 and became the republic in 1964.
25 kinds of insect stamps were issued in commemoration of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology establishment 40th anniversary in 2011 by this Kenya.

Republic of Kenya
2011.11.16 International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology 40th anniversary Insect Stamp
Large Hive Beetle
Oplostomus haroldi
Cartoblatta sp.
Terrible Hairy Fly
Mormotomyia hirsuta
Tiger Beetle
Cicindela cancellata
Leaf Beetle
Nosognatha ruficollis
Bush Cricket
Hetrodinae sp.
Cocoa Mosquito Bug
Helopeltis schoutedeni
Longhorn Beetle
Ceroctis sp.
Bagrada cruciferarum
Scarab Beetle
Popillia aeneipennis
Jewel Beetle
Lampetis sp.
Rhinoceros Beetle
Oryctes sp.
Field Form Stag Beetle
Homoderus mellyi
Bush Locust
Zonocerus variegatus
Parasitoid Wasp
Agnoscelis versicolor
Tortoise Beetle
Ground Beetle
Cypholoba perspicillaris
Net-winged Beetle
Milkweed Bug
Blister Beetle
Mylabis tristigma
Ant-shape Rove Beetle
Paederus sp.
Lantern Fly
Pyrops turritus
Darkling Beetle

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