Insect Stamp of Republic of Niger

Niger is an African landlocked country, and a ratio of the cultivated area area that a land area is compared with is 3%, and most of a country are desert. Therefore it is the 19th century that a visit of a European got into full swing late. It became French West Africa in 1922, and thereafter French rule amounted than 30 years, and it was it with a republic in French Community in 1958 and it was it in 1960 and became independent. A military coup lasted as a start afterward by 1974, and it was repeated independence, and it was transferred to a civil administration in 1989, and the Usu Manu President was born by the first democratic election in 1993. However, a military coup happened again in 1996. In 1996, President Mainassara regains presence of mind after birth by election.
Two kinds which drew the insect into five kinds of stamps issued from the Republic of Niger in 1985 are contained.
Three kinds of insect stamps were issued in 1987.
Although a design is drawn even on the portion of punch hole and touch differs as the usual stamp, Potter Wasp is drawn with a nest, Praying Mantid is also drawn with the nest on a leaf, and a design has an appropriate taste.
Six kinds of insect stamps were issued in 2000.

Republic of Niger
1985 Animal Stamp
Bush Locust
Oedaleus oedaleus
Cotton Stainer
Dysdercus volkeri

1987.3.26 Insect Stamp
Praying Mantid

Potter Wasp
Eumenes eumenes
Tiger Beetle
Cicindela cicindela

2000.10.27 Insect Stamp
Darkling Beetle
Stenocara eburnea
Chalcocoris anchorago
Scarab Beetle
Scarabaeus aeratus
Flower Mantid
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi
African Desert Locust
Schistocera gregaria
Malaria Mosquito
Anopheles gambiae

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