Insect Stamp of Japan

The number of the insect stamps in a normal stamp is 13 from 75 yen Great Purple Butterfly of the 1956 issue to 30 yen Small Copper of the 1997 issue. Great Purple Butterfly has appeared twice and Small White Butterfly has appeared twice and Orange Oakleaf Butterfly has appeared twice.
The stamp which drew various animals and plants made in Japan as protection-of-nature series was issued from 1974 to 1978 every year. the 1st collection (1974) -- four kinds of mammals -- the 2nd collection (1975) -- four kinds of birds -- four kinds of insects were taken up by the 4th collection (1977), and three kinds of plants were taken up for five kinds of reptiles, amphibians, and fishes by the 5th collection (1978) at the 3rd collection (1976).
Together with issue of these commemorative stamps, the pigeon mark and the small mark were formed in the post office.
The 30th international apiarist meeting was held in Nagoya in October, 1985, and the stamp was issued in commemoration of this.
The stamp of insect series was issued from 1986 to 1987 from the 1st collection to the 5th collection. By the 5th collection, four kinds of insect stamps and one kind of small sheets were published each for four kinds from the 1st collection to the 4th collection. Although four kinds of butterfly stamps are combined with the small sheet of the 5th collection, two of kinds of it are the stamp of only a small sheet.
The stamp on which it drew rare wild animals and plants was issued every year from 2011 to 2013 year. Insect one kind in a collection of the first (2011), insect one kind in a collection of the third (2013) were taken away.

Japan Normal StampRyukyu Normal StampJapan Normal Stamp
Great Purple Butterfly
Sasakia charonda
Orange Oakleaf Butterfly
Kallima inachus
Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle
Allomyrina dichotomus
Small White Butterfly
Pieris rapae

Normal Stamp
Orthetrum albistylum
Flower Blue Chafer
Oxycwtonia jucunda
Common Jay
Graphium doson
Seven-spotted Ladybird
Coccinella septempunctata
Japanese Honeybee
Apis cerana
Small Copper
Lycaena phlaeas

protection-of-nature series 4
Genji Firefly
Luciola cruciata
Common Jay
Graphium doson
Euterpnosia Cicada
Euterpnosia chibensis
Darter Dragonfly
Boninthemis insularis

1985.10.9 30th international apiarist meeting
Western Honeybee
Apis mellifera

Insect Stamp
Series 1 1986.7.30
Eversmann's Parnassius
Parnassius eversmanni
Blue Longhorn Beetle
Rosalia batesi
Shield-backed Bug
Poecilocoris lewisi
Ancient dragonfly
Epiophlebia superstes

Series 2 1986.9.26
Wonderful Green Hairstreak
Thermozephyrus ataxus
Giant Stag Beetle
Dorcus hopei
Japanese carabid beetle
Damaster blaptoides
Darter Dragonfly
Sympetrum pedemontanum

Series 3 986.11.21
White-tailed zygaenid moth
Elcysma westwoodii
Variable Glider
Rhyothemis variegata
Tibicen Cicada
Tibicen japonicus
Jewel Beetle
Chrysochroa holstii

Series 4 1987.1.23
Stag Beetle

Great Dragonfly
Anotogaster sieboldii
Chestnut Tiger Butterfly
Parantica sita
Yanbaru Long-armed Scarab
Cheirotonus jambar

Series 5 1987.3.12Series 5ifrom small sheet) 1987.3.12
Orange Oakleaf Butterfly
Kallima inachus
Demoiselle Damselfly
Calopteryx cornelia
Ascalaphus ramburi
Garden Chafer
Polyphylla laticollis
Orange Tip Butterfly
Anthocharis cardamines
Great Purple Butterfly
Sasakia charonda

2011.8.23 Endangered Wild Animal Stamp2013.5.23 Endangered Wild Animal Stamp 3rd Series
Large Shijimi Blue
Shijimiaeoides divina
Insular Endemic Stag Beetle
Neolucanus insulicola donan

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