Ethiopia 1993Burundi 1977Lesotho 2000
Cape Hyrax
Procavia capensis
Jonnston Hyrax
Procavia johnstoni
Southern Tree Hyrax
Dendrohyrax arboreus

Hyracoidae is large, and there are three kinds of a tree hyrax living in East Africa and the part of South Africa from Central African, rock hyrax living in only the East Africa, large hyrax living in the African whole land from the Near and Middle East. Hyrax and rock hyrax live in a rocky mountain and the cliff which the trees and plants grew, and the tree hyrax lives on a tree. In addition, the hyrax eats a gramineous plant, while rock hyrax and tree hyrax eat a soft leaf. Ability for regulation of body temperature is low and eats vegetables after bathing in the sun while letting a body adhere in a group in morning. As for the body, the limbs look like a marmot as a double circle briefly, but the molar tooth is near to a rhinoceros and a zebra, and the foot is form of hoof not a nail, and it is an independent kind called Hyracoidae.

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