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The web site, Funny Snowman, is personal fun site of animated cursors. Each charactors may have copyright by creators. Posted illustration or cursors are downloadable, however you are only allowed to use them as your personal usage only. Do not re-use or re-publish them without notice and agreement.


August, 2012 This web site policy was changed; you can download original and/or public domain desktop accessories only. If you are looking forward MANGA or TV-animation cursors that you saw before <achive available here>, please try to login closed site above menu, or ask me by E-mail.


Some of cursors were created and posted with letter "[PD] or [Fanfic]" on cursor name, after I confirmed as public domain public domain or Fan fiction OK character. If my understanding is wrong or If this site has problem, please let me know by E-mail, I will eliminate it as soon as posible.


Feel free to link this site, thanks. You can use following bunner on your site. bunner 1 3KB | bunner 2 25KB

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This web site observes protection of personal information. If any action required, such as delete the someone's commnet, please let me know by email above.

You can login to the closed web site or post some messeages by means of other SNS account, this web site accesses your account information only for the login purpose only. If necesarry, this site will transfer the data under SSL encpription.