Othello Applet Ria (Ver 1.31)

(last update: 2003/11/14)
Fixed comment mode bug.
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・Make it possible to change comment font color, margin.(2003/11/14)
・Fix comment mode bug.(2003/11/14)
・Speed up endgame solver.(2003/09/01)
・Add hidden function. ->Version 1.0(2003/08/08)
・Reduce file size. (2003/05/07)
・Fix auto play mode's thread bug. (2003/05/07)
・Fix start_board bug. (2003/04/17)
・Add comment mode. (2002/12/13)
・Add endgame solver (2002/12/13)
・Change parameter name "width" to "size" (For netscape bug) (2002/12/13)
・Fix branch mode bug. (2002/12/13)

Old histories(Japanese)

Add comment mode!


At replay mode, last right button change mode to Branch mode
To go back to replay mode, press last right button again.

In Branch mode, you can put any move you like.

Endgame solver button shows exact score.

Configuration sample(Japanese) Configuration sample(Japanese)


You can easily set transcript.Do not need to change original format.

Free start position.

Free start move.

Easy color config.

You can change board size.(Small board)

Autoplay speed is changable.

・Stone is beautiful.

Endgame solvernew

Bug, any comment is welcome.(E-mail: akb_ryu@yahoo.co.jp)

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Kifu BBS sample(Kifu means transcript)