Jules Shear

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Collaborations & Guest Appearances

ArtistTitle/YearLabel/NumberCollaboration Guest
Danny Kortchmar"Innuendo" 1980US : Asylum/6E250 (LP) --"Lost in the Shuffle" (harmony)

"Killer's Kiss" (harmony)

"I Starred in That Movie" (harmony)

Ric Ocasek"Beatitude" 1982US : Geffen/2022 (LP)

Japan : CBS Sony/25AP2492 (LP)

--"Prove" (vocal)
Cyndi Lauper"She's So Unusual" 1983US : Portrait/38930 (CD)

Japan : Epic Sony/ESCA5478 (CD)

"I'll Kiss you" (with C. Lauper)--
Elliot Easton"Change No Change" 1985US : Elektra (LP)

Japan : Warner-Pioneer/P-13096 (LP)

All Songs (with E. Easton)All Songs (backing vocal)
Original Sound Track"The Goonies" 1985US : Epic/EK40067 (CD)

Japan : Epic Sony/32.8P-86 (CD)

The Bangles "I Got Nothing" (with S.Hoffs/V.Peterson) --
Matthew Sweet"Inside" 1986US : Columbia/CK40417 (CD) "Save Time for Me" (with M. Sweet)--
Williams Brothers"Two Stories" 1987US : Warner Bros. (CD)

Japan : Warner-Pioneer/32XD798 (CD)

"Rain Came Down" (with A.Williams/D.Williams)--
'Til Tuesday"Everything's Different Now" 1988 US : Epic/44041 (CD)

Japan : Epic Sony/25.8P-5084 (CD)

"Everything's Different Now" (with M. Sweet)

"(Believed You Were) Lucky" (with A. Mann)

Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers"Rumble" 1988 US : Columbia/44186 (CD)

Japan : CBS Sony/25DP5252 (CD)

"Tell Me What You Want Me To Be" (with T.Conwell) --
Tommy Keene"Based on Happy Times" 1989US : Geffen/9 24221-2 (CD) "When Our Vows Break" (with T.Keene)"If We Run Away" (with T.Keene) "Nothing Can Change You" (harmony)

"When Our Vows Break" (harmony)

Marshall Crenshaw"Life's Too Short" 1991 US : MCA/MCAD10223 (CD)

Japan : MCA Victor/MVCM-66 (CD)

"Everything's The Truth" (with M.Crenshaw)--
Pal Shazar"Cowbeat of My Heart" 1991US : Shiffaroe/cd1 (CD) --All Songs (backing vocal, b, key)
Richard Barone"Clouds Over Eden" 1992US : Rhino/79060-2 (CD) "Miss Jean"(with R.Barone)--
Pursuit of Happiness"The Downward Road" 1993 US : Polygram/512972-2 (CD)

Japan : Phonogram/PHCR-1201 (CD)

"A Villa In Portugal" (with Moe Berg)--
Aimee Mann"Whatever" 1993US : Imago/21017-2 (CD)

Japan : BMG Victor/BVCP-638 (CD)

"Could've Been Anyone" (with M.W.Piper/A.Mann)--
The Waterboys"Dream Harder" 1993US : Geffen/24476 (CD)

Japan : MCA Victor/MVCG-120 (CD)

--"Preparing To Fly" (backing vocal with Pal Shazar)
The Band"Jericho" 1993US : Rhino/71564-2 (CD)

Japan : Alfa/ALCB-859 (CD)

"Too Soon Gone" (with Stan Szelest)--
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts"Flashback" 1994 US : Blackheart/438 (CD)

Japan : Victor/VICP5327 (CD)

"Right Til The End" (Japanese CD only bonus track/ with J.Jett) --
Pal Shazar"There's A Wild Thing in the House" 1994 US : Shiffaroe/cd2 (CD)

Japan : Vivid/VSCD-1149(I) (CD)

--All Songs (backing vocal)

"If It's You That I Got Here" (vocal)

Kristin Hall"Be Careful What You Wish for" 1994 US : High Street/72902 10326-2 (CD)--"Let It Rain" (backing vocal)
V.A."Borrowed Tunes" 1994Canada : Sony Canada/Z2K-80199 (CD) --Lori Yates"Helpless" (backing vocal)

Colin Linden"Tonight's the Night" (backing vocal)

Marshall Crenshaw"Live...My Truck Is My Home" 1994 US : Razor & Tie/RT2815 (CD)--"Julie"(shaker, harmony vocal)
V.A."Columbia Records Radio Hour Vol.1" 1995 US : Columbia/CK66466 (CD)--James McMurtry "Safeside" (shaker,backing vocal)
Chuck Prophet"Feast of Hearts" 1995UK : China/WOLCD 1061 (CD) "Once Removed" "Madam Rosa's" "Battered And Bruised"

(with C.Prophet)

Julian Dawson"Travel On" 1995US : Watermelon/1043 (CD) "Hosanna" (with J.Dawson)"Hosanna" (vocal)
Mike Scott"Bring'em All In" 1995UK : Chrysalis/CDCHS 5025 (CDEP) "Beatles Reunion Blues" (with M.Scott)--
Lowen & Navarro"Pendurum" 1995US : Mercury/314 528 572-2 (CD) "Spring Is Late This Year" (with E.Lowen/ D.Navarro) --
Tha Band"High on the Hog" 1996US : Pyramid (CD)

Japan : Alfa/ALCB-3115 (CD)

"High Price of Love" (with The Band/Stan Szelest) --
Gigolo Aunts"Learn to Play Guitar" 1997US : Wicked Disc/WIC 1007-2 (CDEP) "Kinda Girl" (with Dave Gibbs/ Steve Hurley) --
10,000 Maniacs"Love among the Ruins" 1997US : Geffen/GEFD-25009 (CD)

Japan : Universal Victor/MVCF-24009 (CD)

"Love among the Ruins", "You Won't Find Me There", "Shining Light" (with 10,000 Maniacs) --

as Producer

The Jolly Boys"Pop 'n' Mento " 1989US : Ryko/10185 (CD) Jamaican Reggae Band
The Jitters"Louder Than Words" 1990Canada : EMI Canada Canadian Pop Band
The Jolly Boys"Sunshine 'n' Water" 1991 US : Ryko/10187 (CD)--
Pal Shazar"Cowbeat of My Heart" 1991US : Shiffaroe/cd1 (CD) --
Pal Shazar"There's A Wild Thing in the House" 1994 US : Shiffaroe/cd2 (CD)

Japan : Vivid/VSCD-1149(I) (CD)

7 songs produced

Covers by other artists

ArtistTitle/YearLabel/NumberSong Note
Olivia Newton-John"Making a Good Things Better" 1977 US : MCA/2280 (LP)

US : MCA/MCAD-1682 (CD)

"So Easy To Begin"from "Funky Kings"
Leah Kunkel"Leah Kunkel" 1979US : Columbia/35778 (LP)

Japan : Sony/SRCS-6360 (CD)

"Don't Leave These Goodbyes" --
Ian Matthews"Siamese Friends" 1979UK : Rockburg/ROC107 (LP)

Germany : Line/LICD-9.00150 (CD)

"Home Somewhere"from "Got No Breeding"
Ian Matthews"Spot of Interference" 1980 UK : Rockburg/ROC108 (LP)

Germany : Line/LICD-9.00060 (CD)

"Driftwood from Disaster"from "Got No Breeding"
Art Garfunkle"Scissors Cut" 1981US : Columbia/37392 (LP)US : Columbia/CK37392 (CD)

Japan : Sony/SRCS-6237 (CD)

"So Easy To Begin"from "Funky Kings"
Mickey Thomas"Alive Alone" 1981US : Elektra/5E530 (LP) "Alive Alone"

"Following Every Finger"

"Following Every Finger" from"Got No Breeding"
Cyndi Lauper"She's So Unusual" 1983US : Portrait/38930 (CD)

Japan : Epic Sony/ESCA5478 (CD)

"All Through The Night"from "Watch Dog"
The Bangles"Different Light" 1985US : Columbia/40039 (CD)

Japan : Sony/CSCS-6044 (CD)

"If She Know What She Wants"from "The Eternal Return"
Yukari Morikawa(Japanese pop singer)"Show Me" 1987 Japan : Fun House/FHCF-8019 (CD)"Nemuranaimamade" ("All Through The Night") from "Watch Dog"
Ian Matthews"Walking A Changing Line" 1988 UK : Windham Hill/301070-2 (CD)

Japan : Pony Canyon/D32Y5093 (CD)

"Standing Still"/ "Except for a Tear"/ "Following Every Finger"/ "Alive Alone"/ "Smell of Home"/ "On Squirrel Hill"/ "Shadow Break"/ "This Fabrication"/ "Lovers by Rote"/ "Only a Motion"/ "Why Fight" "Following Every Finger"/ "Shadow Break"/ Lovers by Rote" from"Got No Breeding"

"Smell of Home" from"fenetiks"

"Standing Still" from "Watch Dog"

Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers"Rumble" 1988 US : Columbia/44186 (CD)

Japan : CBS Sony/25DP5252 (CD)

"If We Never Meet Again"from "Big Boss Sound"
Mathilda Santing Ensemble"Carried Away" 1991 Solid/ (CD)"Only a Motion"--
Roger McGuin"Back from Rio" 1991US : Arista/ARCD-8648-2 (CD)

Japan : BMG Victor/BVCA-102 (CD)

"If We Never Meet Again"from "Big Boss Sound"
Ian Matthews"Orphans & Outtakes" 1993UK : Dirty Linen/ (CD) "What The Wanter Wants"/ "Action & Intent"/ "Too Hard Too Soon"/ "Steady"/ "Your Heart Again"/ "Still I See You" "Steady" from"The Eternal Return"

"Still I See You" from"Steady"single B-side

Alison Moyet"Essex" 1994US : Epic/57448 (CD)

Japan : Epic Sony/ESCA-5895 (CD)

"Whispering Your Name"

"Whispering Your Name"(single mix)

from "Watch Dog"
Orleans"Ride" 1996US : ?

Japan : Pioneer LDC/PICP1119 (CD)

"If We Never Meet Again"from "Big Boss Sound"


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