New York City is the most beguiling place there is. You may not think so at first for the city is admittedly mad, the epitome in many ways of all that is wrong in modern America. But spend even a week here and it happens the pace, the adrenaline take hold, and the shock gives way to myth. Walking through the city streets is an experience, the buildings like icons to the modern age, and above all to the power of money. Despite all the hype, the movie-image sentimentalism, Manhattan is the central island and the city's real core has massive romance whether it's the flickering lights of the midtown skyscrapers as you speed across the Queensboro bridge, the 4am half life in Greenwich Village, or just wasting the morning on the Staten Island ferry, you really would have to be made of stone not to be moved by it all.

Designed by Jiro Asano(Kmamakura-City,Japan)
Renewal Date in June 8th 2003