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Cold Fusion (Cold Nuclear Fusion)

LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)

LANR(Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions)

CMNS(Condensed Matter Nuclear Science)


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Technology Science News[Technology & Science News]
70 Ways to Save the Earth !

Biography: The Heros of Earth Day

22nd April Earth Day / Save Earth, Save Life
7 Ways to Save Mother Earth

How to Set-Up Your Own DIY Bio Lab

Endothermic Reaction save the Earth !
Endothermic Reaction Examples
Endothermic Reactions: Definition & Example

Microbial Fuel Cells
Microbial Fuel Cells: Methodology and Technology (MIT)
Microbial fuel cells: From fundamentals to applications. A review

Trends in US Patent Acquisitions by Countries Worldwide
Changes in the number of Patent Applications (number of intellectual property) and registered in China by major countries

"Gravia" is an LED-lit floorlamp energized by people.
Leave a Nest

Technology Science NewsNumber of US patents (October 24th, 2018)
Taiwan     2,051
Australia    2,043
Singapore    1,711
India       1,640
Hong Kong  1,502
New Zealand 1,324
Malaysia     1,017
Thailand     1,013
Philippine     797
Indonesia     643
Brunei      176
Vietnam      168
Myanmar     123
Cambodia     93
Laos         88

Technology Science News[ MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS ]
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
DEPARTMENT of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Phillippines
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom of Thailand
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Goverment of India
DEPARTMENT of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand

MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Norway
MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs, Government Office of Sweden
Foreign Affairs, United Kingdom
Foreign Affairs, Germany
Global Affairs, Canada

Technology Science NewsInformation related to Each Country's Startup Support

Southeast Asia-Leadership Courses( by IMD)

Join Singapore's Startup Hub(by Enterprise Singapore)
The world's best start-up hubs: Singapore(by Virgin)
List of Startup Accelerators and Incubators for Singapore(by FintechNewsSG)
Startuo SG Network

Meet the 50 top-funded startups and tech companies in Singapore (by TECHINASIA)
Join Singapore's Startup Hub / Enterprise Singapore (by Singapore Govermment)

Startup Grind Jakarta: Global Community for Enterpreneurs
Startup Incubator: The Factors Behind Indonesia's Success(by next step)
Indonesia Among Least Attractive Markets for Startup & Venture Capital(by Indonesia Investments)
The world's best start-up hubs: Bali, Indonesia (by Virgin)
Indonesia Top Startups / Startup Ranking

Meet the 20-top funded startups and tech companies in Indonesia (by TECHINASIA)

Malaysia Digital Hub(by MDEC)
Malaysia Tech Enterpreneur Programme
Malaysia as a Startup Hub: What are the next step?
Startup Malaysia
The next big thing: 10 Malaysian Startups to watch in 2018 (by TECHINASIA)
Hubs and co-working spaces (by MaGIC)

More inclusive Philippine Startup Challenge kicks off( by DICT(Gov.Ph))

Philippines: The Next Startup Hub in Asia (by Manila Recruitment)

The world's best start-up hubs : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (by Virgin)

Returning Vietnamese leave mark on Vietnam's startup scene (by TECHINASIA )

Sydney Startup Hub(New Tide Current)

The Sydney Startup Hub for Growing the Industries of the Future(New South Wales,Australia /
The world's best start-up hubs: Melvourne, Australia

"Musicsharing": "Midori & Friends"
Famous Hula School in Japan (Ms.Erina & Ms.Marii)
 Hula is a conversation with God

Celestial bodies & Star Observations
 Hubble Site /
The James Webb Space TelescopeSUBARU Telescope
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan JAXA Space Telescope Science Institute

Expected Energy !!
COMPACT FUSION( by Lockheed Martin Corp.)Big News(Oct.15, 2014; USA Time)Really?
LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reactions)/
CMNS(Condensed Matter Nuclear Science)/Cold Fusion
All proposed explanations neeed to apply to each method and the resulting behavior.

1. Exposure of a material to electrolysis (Fleishman-Pons Effect)

2. Exposure of a material to gas discharge
(H-H Effect; H. Nagao-H. Mitsutoshi)

3. Exposure of a material to sonic bombardment (Stringham Effect)

4. Exposure of a material to plasma (plasma electrolysis)

5. Exposure of a material to H2 or D2 gas (Arata Effect)

6. Electro migration (oxides and metals)

7. Simple diffusion through Pd

"LENR(Low Energy Nuclear Reactions"

Nuclear Reactor :Reactivity Accident
(the Analysis on reactivity initiated accident of the subcritical nuclear reactor)」の



Technology & Intellectual Property Information
ALB 50 2009: Asia's Largest Law Firms
ALB China 20 Largest PRC Firms
ALB(Asia Legal Business)LEGAL NEWS
[変る必要がある、これからのR&D/MBO] / [特許取得の重要さ] / [出願特許の評価から見た、特許出願明細書の書き方] / [最新動向/特許出願着眼点に変化あり] / [知的財産分析&管理システム] /
[米国特許登録件数、上位10社] / [Patent/ Web Site] / [Cost for Patent Application and Issue] / [特許法改正の動き(概略)] / [Technology Information]
e-University(BroadBand) / [Technology Evaluation & Technology Assessment] / [ Photo Gallery ] / [Bio Science & Life Science]

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(1,2)(3)−Interior Goods

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