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--- Announcement ---

I will change application name from "X-BASIC for iOS" to "X-BASIC'"(dash) at V3.40.
Because Apple pointed out "An application name must not include the word 'iOS' ".

--- Introduction ---

Here is the my iPad/iPod touch/iPhone series applications support page.
Thank you for purchasing.

Please send your question or impression for any application by an email or an comment to each application in this BLOG
or regarding X-BASIC for iOS, please send to "X-BASIC' support page".
Welcome to bug report and the improvement suggestions, too.
For X-BASIC for iOS, "I tried to make program" post is also welcome.
"I do not know how to use!" Ok, please read help or Q&A, and ask me by email.

Refuse:AIG-Soft has been development by a hobby individuals. Therefore, I may not be quick response and not response to difficult request.
We're sorry, please forgive me. And please enough time. Thanks in advance.

And I ignore all "Boos" because they have no means.
List of applications
Icon Application name
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Version Status Support model iTunes
Q&A Main use
iPad mini
iPod touch4
iPod touch5
Programer's Calc V2.50 On Sale Yes Yes Yes Yes Ok [iTunes Store] None technology None
ZeroRecorder V1.90 On Sale Ok Ok Yes Yes Ok [iTunes Store] Q&A technology None
Komadori #1 V1.90 On Sale Ok Ok Yes Yes Ok [iTunes Store] Q&A technology None

(Manga Help)
V2.20 On Sale Yes Yes Yes Yes Ok [iTunes Store] Q&A technology Extend

(promote manga)
V3.50 On Sale Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes [iTunes Store] Note in v3.00


known bug(s)
technology Sample

Support model : "Yes" means full suported, "Ok" means iPhone mode support.
Programer's Calc is supported native iOS6/7/8 and iPhone6/Plus.
X-BASIC'/Komadori#1/ZeroRecorder/TraceWriter are supported native iOS7.1/8(previous iOS7.0 are not supported).
Only X-BASIC' is support iOS9/64bit environment and iPhone6/plus directly. iPad Pro is supported as iPad mode(Untested).

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