Traditional music (Song of the world)

The blue star indicate I don't know the English title.
This translated the title of Japanese.
The smiling faces indicate my favorite 'favorite' files - a MUST!

No. Title Size
1 Let's dance! It is the dance of pleasant Poland 5kb
2 Love 2kb
3 Little 4kb
4 Under the spreading chestnut tree 3kb
5 Die lorelei 4kb
6 Moscow Evenings 3kb
7 Maruserino Song 5kb
8 Constellation in winter 5kb
9 Long long ago 5kb
10 Dominique 4kb
11 Beautiful Dreamer 5kb
12 O sole mio! 3kb
13 Torna a Surrento 4kb
14 The jong of the Troll 3kb
15 Grand Father' Clock UP 4kb


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