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Let me tell you a little more about myself.

My name is Yuko Oba.
Oba is my family name and Yuko is my given name.

I was born on Feb 28. I am thin. I am 158 centimeters tall. I weigh 40 kilograms.
My blood type is A. I have brown eyes and long black hair.

Do you want to listen to my voice? Click here(voice.wav 49kb) . My voice is heard.
I am saying that "thank you very much" in Japanese.

I am a female office worker. I work in a Securities economic research institute as a clark.
My company is in Tokyo Japan. I work from 8:40 a.m. to 5:10 p.m. every day except weekends.
But when we are busy, we sometimes work overtime for about couple of hours.
We work in uniform when we are on duty. A color is dark blue.
At noon I go to a restaurant to take lunch with my colleagues.
We eat Italian cuisine and Japanese cuisine frequently.
My salary is not so high but our work place is pleasant for me :-)

I like to listening to music, especially jazz and Classic.
My favourite composer is Erik Satie and Chopin.
My fovourite jazz musician is Herbie Hancock (A signature was received from him),
Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Bill Evans, Yosuke Yamashita.The many be a pianist.

I like to read novels too. The book that read recently is "The stars shine down" of Sidney Sheldon.

I sometimes go to a sightseeing trip with a friend. I went to Australia in spring of this year.
I am scheduled to go to Guam in November.I am looking forward to it :-D

I operate my personal computer to get information after dinner.
The personal computer that I am using is Windows95.
I enjoy making home pages very much.

These are music file which I made myself. I'd like you to try them.
I think you might like it.


Copyright (C) 1997 Yuko Oba.
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