My Favourite Classic

My Favourite Classic

The blue star indicate I don't know the English title.
This translated the title of Japanese.
The smiling faces indicate my favorite 'favorite' files - a MUST!

No. Composer Title Size
1 J.S.Bach Minuet in Gmaj 5kb
2 J.S.Bach Minuet in Gmaj 5kb
3 J.S.Bach Musette 5kb
4 J.S.Bach chorale-Amaj 3kb
5 J.S.Bach Air on G string BWV1068 7kb
6 J.S.Bach Ave Maria 4kb
7 J.S.Bach Jesu,joy of Man's Desiring 3kb
8 Pachelbel Canon 12kb
9 Vivaldi The Four Seasons"Spring" 7kb
10 Erik Satie Gimnopedies No.1 3kb
11 Erik Satie Gimnopedies No.1 (Slowly) 3kb
12 Erik Satie Gnossiennu No.1 8kb
13 Erik Satie Gnossiennu No.5 4kb
14 Erik Satie Le Piccadilly 13kb
15 Erik Satie Japanese title: Wamawashi asobi 3kb
16 Erik Satie Japanese title: Chulip no joousama 2kb
17 Erik Satie Le Diva de I'Empire 9kb
18 Beethoven Fur Elise 11kb
19 Beethoven An die Freude 5kb
20 Mozart Sonata in A 18kb
21 Mozart Polonaises 3kb
22 Mozart Piano sonata A major K.331 7kb
23 R.A.Shumann Traumerei 7kb
24 R.A.Shumann The merry farmers 4kb
25 A.Dvorak Humoresque 14kb
26 G.B.Martini Piacer d'amor 5kb
27 H.Purcell Minuet 3kb
28 Chopin Waltz in A 9kb
29 Chopin Preludes 2kb
30 Chopin ChansondeL'adieu 4kb
31 Chopin Valse Op64, No1 13kb
32 Schubert Heidenroslein 3kb
33 Schubert Die Forelle 3kb
34 Schubert Ave Maria 4kb
35 G.Bizet Tiny Nuts 6kb
36 G.Faure Pavane 5kb
37 Johann Strauss I Radetzky Marsch 8kb
38 Johannes Brahms Walzer 3kb
39 Johannes Brahms Symphony No.1 4kb
40 Louis Streabbog Les Etoiles D'or 7kb
41 R.A.Schumann Melodie 5kb
42 R.A.Schumann Soldatenmarsch 4kb
43 G.F.Handel Song of a victory 4kb
44 Liszt La campanella 4kb
45 Tchaikovsky Dance of the sugar-plum fairy 4kb
46 Tchaikovsky Waltz of the flowers, op.71a No.13 7kb
47 Tchaikovsky Andante Cantabile 4kb
48 Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 7kb
49 T.Badarzewska Amaiden's Prayer 6kb


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