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@@w WORKING QUADS xiuA˜J–â‘茤‹†‰ïE‰ï•ñvj‡@`‡H‚ÌŠñeŽÒ66–¼¡

@@@@‚PD@Wlliams@MaryŽ: Mary WilliamsŽ

@@@@‚QD@Ueno@KunikoŽ: Kuniko UyenoŽ

@@@@‚RD@Îì@‚é‚݁@ŽF Îì‚é‚ÝŽ

@@@@‚SD@ˆéè@Íˆê@ŽF ˆéèÍˆêŽ

@@@@‚TD@ˆÉ“¡@“¹˜a@ŽF ˆÉ“¡“¹˜aŽ

@@@@‚UD@ˆäã@–õ—Y@ŽF ˆäã–õ—YŽ

@@@@‚VD@¡è@–q¶@ŽF ¡è–q¶Ž

@@@@‚WD@¡•Ÿ@‹`–¾@ŽF ¡•Ÿ‹`–¾Ž

@@@@‚XD@ã–ì@‰hì@ŽF ã–ì‰hìŽ

@@@‚P‚OD@ã‘º@”—m@ŽF ã‘º”—mŽ

@@@‚P‚PD@“àŽR@K‹v@ŽF “àŽRK‹vŽ

@@@‚P‚QD@‘å‹v•Û@’©OŽF ‘å‹v•Û’©OŽ

@@@‚P‚RD@‘¾“c@Œb‘ @ŽF ‘¾“cŒb‘ Ž

@@@‚P‚SD@‰ª–{@•ò‹@ŽF ‰ª–{•ò‹Ž

@@@‚P‚TD@¬‘]ª@³˜aŽF ¬‘]ª³˜aŽ

@@@‚P‚UD@‰Á–؁@”ŽŽq@ŽF ‰Á–Ø”ŽŽqŽ

@@@‚P‚VD@Š}Œ´@M•F@ŽF Š}Œ´M•FŽ

@@@‚P‚WD@‹àŽq@Žõ@@ŽF ‹àŽqŽõŽ

@@@‚P‚XD@ì‹v•Û@‰v’jŽF ì‹v•Û‰v’jŽ

@@@‚Q‚OD@‘ ŠÑ@M@@ŽF ‘ ŠÑMŽ

@@@‚Q‚PD@ŒÃ¬˜H@_“TŽF ŒÃ¬˜H_“TŽ

@@@‚Q‚QD@Œã“¡@—玡@ŽF Œã“¡—玡Ž

@@@‚Q‚RD@âã@³Ži@ŽF âã³ŽiŽ

@@@‚Q‚SD@²X–؁@—²@ŽF ²X–Ø—²Ž

@@@‚Q‚TD@²“¡@“N–ç@ŽF ²“¡“N–玁

@@@‚Q‚UD@‘ò@@—Ç“ñ@ŽF ‘ò—Ç“ñŽ

@@@‚Q‚VD@‰–‘ò@N—Y@ŽF ‰–‘òN—YŽ

@@@‚Q‚WD@Žu“n‘ò@CŽOŽF Žu“n‘òCŽOŽ

@@@‚Q‚XD@ŽÂŒ´@^—R”üŽF ŽÂŒ´^—R”üŽ

@@@‚R‚OD@“ˆ“c@³Œõ@ŽF “ˆ“c³ŒõŽ

@@@‚R‚PD@––‰ª@—Yˆê˜YŽF ––‰ª—Yˆê˜YŽ

@@@‚R‚QD@––“c@Œ›”ã˜CŽF ––“cŒ›”ã˜CŽ

@@@‚R‚RD@—é–؁@ˆèŽq@ŽF —é–؈èŽqŽ

›@@‚R‚SD@´‰Æ@ˆê—Y@@F Kazuo Seike

@@@‚R‚TD@‘]‰ä•”@‹³ŽqŽF ‘]‰ä•”‹³ŽqŽ

@@@‚R‚UD@‚¼@Ë“ñ@ŽF ‚¼Ë“ñŽ

@@@‚R‚VD@’|“c@Gˆê@ŽF ’|“cGˆêŽ

@@@‚R‚WD@“c‘º@’C’j@ŽF “c‘º’C’jŽ

›@@‚R‚XD@’ç@•s‰ÂŽ„@ŽF ’ç•s‰ÂŽ„Ž

@@@‚S‚OD@Žž“c@˜a–¾@ŽF Žž“c˜a–¾Ž

@@@‚S‚PD@–L“c@O“¹@ŽF –L“cO“¹Ž

@@@‚S‚QD@’†“‡@WŽs˜YŽF ’†“‡WŽs˜YŽ

›@@‚S‚RD@’†“‡@ŒÕ•F@ŽF ’†“‡ŒÕ•FŽ

@@@‚S‚SD@”¨ŠÔ@‰pˆê@ŽF ”¨ŠÔ‰pˆêŽ

@@@‚S‚TD@•Ÿ“c@Fˆê@ŽF •Ÿ“cFˆêŽ

@@@‚S‚UD@êoàV@F@@ŽF êoàVFŽ

@@@‚S‚VD@“¡–؁@“¿—Y@ŽF “¡–Ø“¿—YŽ

@@@‚S‚WD@“¡X@–«®@ŽF “¡X–«®Ž

@@@‚S‚XD@ŒÃì@—m‚@ŽF ŒÃì—m‚Ž u‘«¬Žw‚Ìåñ‘n‚ÉŠÖ‚µ‚Ä“¾‚½‹³ŒPvi1997/6/15j

›@@‚T‚OD@×ì@’C³@ŽF ×ì’C³Ž

@@@‚T‚PD@¼Œ“@Œ÷@@ŽF ¼Œ“Œ÷Ž

@@@‚T‚QD@¼‰º@³–¾@ŽF ¼‰º³–¾ Ž

@@@‚T‚RD@¼ŽR@‰pŽ÷@ŽF ¼ŽR‰pŽ÷Ž


@@@‚T‚TD@Œü–V@O“¹@ŽF Œü–VO“¹Ž

›@@‚T‚UD@‹g“c@´Ÿ@ŽF ‹g“c´ŸŽ

@@@‚T‚VD@‹g“c@‹M”V@ŽF ‹g“c‹M”VŽ

@@@‚T‚WD@‹g–{@L–¾@ŽF ‹g–{L–¾Ž

›@@‚T‚XD@—…@@¢—æ@ŽF —…¢—掁

@@@‚U‚OD@ˆä‘ò@—²@@ŽF ˆä‘ò—²Ž

@@@‚U‚PD@ˆÉ•û@”Ž‹`@ŽF ˆÉ•û”Ž‹`Ž

@@@‚U‚QD@Žsì@Ÿ®@@ŽF ŽsìŸ®Ž

›@@‚U‚RD@ˆäŽè@›’•¶@ŽF ˆäŽè›’•¶Ž

@@@‚U‚SD@–kŽR@ˆê˜Y@ŽF –kŽRˆê˜YŽ

@@@‚U‚TD@¼ˆä@˜aŽq@ŽF ¼ˆä˜aŽqŽ

@@@‚U‚UD@–öì@‹B@@ŽF –öì‹BŽ

66 Writers of the "WORKING QUADS" (the Journal of the Research Association on Work) No.1 - No.10

1. Ms. Williams Mary : WILLIAMS, Mary

2. Ms. Ueno Kuniko : UENO, Kuniko

3DMs. Rumi IshikawaF ISHIKAWA, Rumi

4DMr. Shoichi IsozakiF

5DMr. Michikazu ItohF ITO, Michikazu

6DMr. Yasuo InoueF

7DMr. Makio ImasakiF IMASAKI, Makio

8DMr. Yoshiaki ImafukuF IMAFUKU, Yoshiaki

9DMr. Eisaku Ueno F

10DMr. Kazuhiro UemuraF

11DMr. Yukihisa UchiyamaF UCHIYAMA, Yukihisa

12DMr. Tomohiro Okubo F OHKUBO, Tomohiro

13DMr. Keizo Ota F OHTA, Keizo

14DMr. Hokyu Okamoto F

15. Mr. Masakazu OzoneF

16DMs. Hiroko Kagi F KAGI, Hiroko

17DMr. Nobuhiko Kasahara F KASAHARA, Nobuhiko

18DMr. Hisashi Kaneko F KANEKO, Hisashi

19. Mr. Masuo KawakuboF

20DMr. Shin Kuranuki F

21. Mr. Hironori Kosahoji F

22D Mr. Reiji Goto F

23D Mr. Tadashi SakaueF

24DMr. Takashi Sasaki F

25. Mr. Tetsuya Sato F

26. Mr. Ryoji Sawa F

27DMr. Yasuo Shiozawa F

28DMr. Shuzo ShitozawaF

29DMs. Mayumi ShinoharaF

30. Mr. Masamitsu Shimada:

31DMr. Uichiro Sueoka F

32. Mr. Norihiro Sueta F

33DMs. Ikuko Suzuki F

› 34DKazuo Seike F

35DMs. Noriko Sogabe F

36. Mr. Shoji TakamatsuF

37DMr. Koichi TakedaF

38DMr. Tatsuo Tamura F

› 39DMr. Fukashi Tsutsumi F

40DMr. Kazuaki Tokita F

41. Mr. Hiromichi Toyota F

42DMr. Shinichiro NakashimaF

› 43DMr. Torahiko Nakashima F Torahiko Nakashima

44DMr. Eiichi Hatama F

45DMr. Koichi Fukuda F

46DMr. Takashi Fuzawa F Mr. Takashi Fuzawa

47DMr. Norio Fujiki F

48. Mr. Toshinao Fujimori F

49DMr. Yotaka Furukawa F

› 50DMr. Tatsumasa Hosokawa F Mr. Tatsumasa Hosokawa

51. Mr. Isao MatsukaneF

52DMr. Masaaki MatsushitaF

53DMr. Hideki Matsuyama F

54. Mr. Katsumi Mitoro F

55DMr. Hiromich Mukaibo F Mr. Hiromich Mukaibo

56DMr. Kiyokatsu Yoshida F

57DMr. Takayuki Yoshida F

58. Mr. Hiroaki Yoshimoto F

› 59DMs. Lo Shih-Lin F

60DMr. Takashi Izawa F

61DMr. Hiroyoshi Ikata F

62DMr. Kiyoshi IchikawaF

› 63DMr. Masafumi Ide F IDE, Masafumi

64DMr. Ichiro KitayamaF KITAYAMA, Ichiro

65DMs. Kazuko Matsui F

66DTsuyoshi Yanagawa F

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