English paper / (The intellectual productive activities by Quads)
Information Technology Inovation and
the intellectual poducive activites of Quads on bed

Mr. Justin Dart, Jr.

Kazuo Seike ,president, "WORKING QUADS"

Information Technology Inovation and 
the intellectual poducive activites of Quads on bed

Kazuo Seike

"WORKING QUADS" HomePage(1996-)

I'm Kazuo Seike.  
From the standpoint of the quads who need attendant service program, 
I would make presentation on 
the intellectual activites, 
on bed, 
utilizing the internet.  

1. Whhat is Quad ?  

2. Change of Society  

3. Ability of Thinking 
   Information Technology and 
   the intellectual activites on bed of Quads, 


1. Whhat is Quad ?  

the spinal cord injured is the typical examination, 
Quads can not walk.  
Some persons who uses wheelchairs 
are working.  
There are some persons 
who cannot sit on their wheelchairs safely and comfortably.  
Some persons cannot sit because of pressure sores.  
Even on the bed, 
they are not safe by/for themselves.  
Sometimes they fall down from bed by spasms.  

Over than C6 quads cannot transfer between their beds 
and wheelchairs by/for themselves.  
Without attendants, they cannot escape/move out/ from beds.  
C4 quads cannot use tissue papers 
when they cacth cold and 
their phlegm stuck in their throats.
trouble with their phlegm.  
C3 quads have problems to control breathing.  

But they are working.  
Doing intellectual activities in network.  
People may have the feelings that 
they want to work, 
to make something in the world, 
to provide something for others, 
to train themseles between the relationship with others, 
to grow up, 
to educate onself/onselves, 
to train young people, 
even though it would not conect to the reward/income.  
"WORKING QUADS" HomePage@is supporting 
such quads.  

2. Change of the time 

It is recent that they are a number of people who have seveir disability 
who need attendant seveir program. 
Advancement of technorogy, 
especially medicen, medical technology and natinal health insurance system, 
had make it possible to save the lives of people who have sevier disabilities.
The quadripregics caused by spinal cord injuries, 
persons with brain damages, amoutators.  

The persons with brain strokes, the polio suvivors, 
ALS, MSL, mascular destrophy, celebral palsy, and so on.  
They have the disabilities on the Activities of Dayly Living.  

The people who are living in home with life support system 
eg ventilators appears. 

The persons with sevier desabilities have survivaled with kind and 
healthy family, Quads can return to  their home.
Without family, they must go into nursing home or long term care hospital.
"The Qquality of Life" is not high.

In the 20th cencury, the society has changed.

The Advancement of 
Rehavilitation madecine, and other medical technorogy, 
Environmental Control Syste, motor chairs, powetd bed, 
speakerphone, communication aid, 
available pc and so on, 
life support thechnology that is based on material devices.  
The deregulation of import system for cars that the user with motorchair can drive.  
telwork efforts the society.  
The public attendant service programs are developed, 
such as the Gold Plan, the Plan for the people with disabilities, 
the nursing care insurance system.  
The social  technology, that is home helper system, visiting nurse system.  
The legal system,  that is, the national pension system.  
The progress of social technology make" the quality of life" of people
with sevier desabilities high make their self determination ability 
increase secure right to self determination.

The enviroment to support the interlectual working quads....

1950's in Denmark,the idea of normaraization was born.
1963's in Japan,homehelp service system started. 
1972's in Berkeley  of california USA,ED Roberts and his colleague
founded the center for independent living in Berkeley.
1978's in Japan,Japanese government began to provide motor chair 
to Quads.
The year for 
1980's in Japan,and USA, ordinary citizen word processor and
PC appeared in the market that ordinary citizen could buy.
1981's in Japan, JSRD program had started.
1985-86 in Japan and USA, Kazuo Seike went to the USA to study
and research the attendant and service program,and independant
living movement in the USA.
1986's in Japan, the national system estabulished for  a basic 
pension disability and the special physically handicapped person
1989's in Japan, the Gold plan(the national attenndant program
for elderly people) was made.
1989's in Japan, WQ journal started to be edited and pubulished.
1990's in the USA, ADA(the act of Americans with disabilities)
was legislated.
1994,s in Japan The new Gold plan(the national attendant program
for elderly people)was made.
1995's in Japan and USA, windouws 95 was started for sale and
the PC that can be connected to the internet appeared in the market,
and the PC price was decreazed.
1995's in Japan, the national plan for the people with disabilities
was made. 
1996's in Japan and the world, The WQH[P was started to produce and
2000's in Japan, the national program of the nursing care insurance
system was enforced.

I feel that the society has changed.

I think it is wonderful that the Quads can be connected
with other world from the one's house, nursing home,
hospitals by internet PC.
According to decreasing of the price for telephone charge
and provider charge.
The key point is decreasing of price for telephone charge.

3.  Ability of Thinking 
   Information Technology and 
   the intellectual activites on bed of Quads, 

The Quads also have ability of thinking. 

The Quads who  
is lying on the bed connected with ventilator, and can't
speak can express his will(thinking) by operating PC with
sencer on cheak and laughing muscles.

Some persons input the data into the word processor by 2
Characters 1 yen.
Some other persons start to teach English in one's house.
Some persons earnes 150,000yen per month.
He(She) applies the TV monitor by one year contract.
When they are very rich, they manage the tenant building
or apartment business.
I want the people of the world to know the fact that there
are people who live and work without dissatisfactions.

It is necessary for Quads lying on the bed who needs 
attendant program to do internet and / or e-mail.
PC, electric source, and telephone line.
i-mode, mobilephone has all of them.
But display and input devices is not friendly for Quads to

Quads on bed must bring these devices into their bed.

Internet PC has been changing the society.
The people with disabilities who stay in home, apartment,
hospital, and nursing home can access and output the
data of character, picture and sound.
They  can communicate with the friends 
inside the city or friends oversea by low cost.

Theoretically it is time that Quads on bed is connected 
directly into the outer world.

On business, the environment and conditions in infor-
mation access for people in advanced industrial count-
ries and developing countries has very changed.
The environment of communication has changed
The tool and the cost of communication has been changed,
and more decreased in the future.

In the process of the intellectual productive activities,
information itself and the information service which has
originality have value.

In this case, it is very important for the person with 
disability and his or her family who is in the panic by
being injured to recover and grow their ability of self
detamination that is on low level at that time.

It is necessary for Quads in Japan to have broad view
point, their the intellectual productive activities and
abilities whether on the world level.

It is necessary for Quads to have colleague to train each
other, on the world level.

It is necessary for Quads to have the advice of their
predecessors who have advanced and got broad view
(wide) point.

The time has being coming that it's necessary for the 
Quads in Japan to educate and grow up themselves and
doing their work actually and always.
I think that it is necessary for Quads to adjust and to get
again their abilities of intellectual productive activities.

I think that it is necessary for Quads to be provided the
opportunity to connect, to try, to play, to enjoy, to learn,
to work, to provide and to progress the PC, mobile PC and
i-mode telephone 
to be adjusted the environment and to be provided the
opportunities of work.


We, "WORKING QUADS" HomePage would like to support
The Quads.

On that back ground, in 1996 NOV. we open the website of
"WORKING QUADS" HomePage on internet and has been
producing and presenting.

It is best for Quads to meet directly and communicate for
network activity.
It is also possible to network by postmail, fax, telephone
And e-mail.
I think that the cheapest cost communication is by inter-
net and e-mail.

On 3.AUG.2000,the access counter of "WORKING QUADS" HomePage is 78,026.

"WORKING QUADS" HomePage aims to support the 
intellectual productive activity.
That utilize hightec of Quads who needs attendant 
service program.

The research association of WORKING QUADS Editorial
Office output the useful information by the database on

"WORKING QUADS" HomePage has 3 important them,
that is,
a. Intellectual productive activity(emplyment/working)
b. Attendant service program (independent living)
c. Health(control of presser sore, management of excretion)

In 2000, the them of "WORKING QUADS" HomePage is
"Let's do work even Quads never give up and search 
better way"

Sub them are

a. he deskwork which is utilized by PC, MC.
    (secure the enough time for sitting by control 
     presser sore)

b. The bedwork which is utilized by NotePC
    (intellectual productive activity of Quads on ded)

c. To secure the independent living that is the base
     for intellectual productive activity of Quads
    (control of attendant service program by user)

Thank you so much.  

Kazuo Seike
president, "WORKING QUADS"
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August 30d, 2000
(by Seike)