Maneuver List

Arm Breaker

Inoki broke Tiger Jeet Singh's arm with this move and using the corner post. It is memorable that Inoki used this move on Andre's wood-like arm. Shin'ya Hashimoto also uses this move.

Achilles' Tendon Hold

When Inoki wrestled the UWF representative Yoshiaki Fujiwara, the match was called "Origin" versus "Main" of this move.

Abisegeri (front rolling kick)

A koppo move which Inoki started using for the mixed match against Leon Spinks.

Ali Kick (low kick)

This was named after Inoki's low kicks into Muhammad Ali's leg, which caused a big injury to Ali. It is really effective although it is not as "theoretical" as the kicks by UWF guys.

Antonio Driver

In his early days, this was Inoki's finisher which he used to defeat Johnny Valentine on the opening card of Tokyo Pro-Wrestling. The move was abandoned after he returned to the J.W.A. and became a "phantom" move.

Reversed Indian Death Lock

Although this wasn't one of his finishers, it was a show point in his prime when Inoki put this move on the opponent and appeals to the audience.

wakigatame (also known as "Fujiwara armbar")

Inoki used this move to become the first wrestler to defeat Andre the Giant via submission. A very necessary move against the bigger competitors.

Cross Arm Scissors

Originally a judo move which Inoki mastered in the series of the mixed martial arts matches.

Enzuigiri (medulla oblongata cutter)

As the legendary TV announcer Ichiro Furutachi called it, "the enzuigiri to survive", this move helped Inoki in many matches. Inoki first came up with this move for the match against Ali but wasn't allowed when Ali's party complained after seeing it in the sparring. Inoki tried to use it in a match against Chuck Wepner but fails. The first successful attempt was shown in the match against Kim Klokeid. He also beautifully showed it in his retirement match against Don Frye.

Rolling Leglock Hold

This is a rolling move using a strong bridge. Inoki pinned Karl Gotch when he teamed with Seiji Sakaguchi against Gotch and Lou Thesz. Tatsumi Fujinami also uses this move often.

Sickle Hold

This move follows Indian deathlock. He reversed this move when Hiroshi Hase used this on him at Tokyo Dome. Keiji Mutoh(Great Muta) also uses this move.

Key Lock

This is a submission move to lock arm. It was memorable when Inoki was lifted up after putting this move on Andre or Gotch.

German Suplex Hold

It is known as "The Art of Pro-Wrestling." The move Inoki put on Strong Kobayashi was not beautiful, but Inoki's both legs were up for a moment as he had to hold Kobayashi's whole weight only with his neck, and it is known as "The Legendary German Suplex."

Cobra Twist (abdominal stretch)

This was his finisher before he mastered the octopus/fylfot hold. It was said that Inoki mastered the fylfot hold after he saw Giant Baba using the cobra twist. He used two versions of this move. One of them was to use both arms to hold the opponent's neck, and the other was to lock the opponent's right arm. Inoki has a strong emotion on this match as he used this move against Willie Williams in a "limited finisher match" during the Final Count Down. This was also the finisher of his retirement match.

Diving Knee Drop

One of few flying moves by Inoki. Just like he used it against Ric Flair in Pyong Yang, he often used this as a finisher.

Double Arm Sulex (butterfly suplex)

One of big moves for Inoki, which he also used to throw the big body of Bruiser Brody. During the match against Billy Robinson, Inoki intentionally used this move, which was Robinson's finisher.

Choke Sleeper

His finisher in final days. Inoki says this isn't actually a choke. Choking (holding throat) is illegal in pro-wrestling although holding veins in the neck isn't.

Drop Kick

Although this move is in a shadow of enzuigiri, Inoki is a good at this move as well. He gave this move vertically onto Andre's face.

Back Drop (back suplex)

Inoki's style was the same as Thesz's "throwing with belly". It was memorable that Inoki defeated Willen Ruska after using this move three times continuously. It is also famous that Inoki beautifully threw Bruiser Brody with this.


Along with knuckle punch, this is one of Inoki's important moves. In his 30th anniversary match, he hit Vader away to the outside the ring only with one slapping.

Brain Buster (vertical suplex)

One of Inoki's big moves which he also used to throw the big body of Stan Hansen

Fylfot Hold (octopus hold)

Mastered directly from Karl Gotch. Inoki's most popular move, which is also known as Antonio Special. It was originally called "octopus hold" but was renamed in the public votes. The most memorable scene was when he defeated Chris Markoff in the final of the 11th Annual World League with this move. Although many wrestlers use this move, the opponents say Inoki's version is unique.

Bow-pulling Straight Punch

Inoki's unique knuckle punch which he throws after a big motion.

Bow and Arrow

This popular move also follows Indian Death Lock in Inoki's many matches

Reverse Suplex

Power testing by holding each other's both hands, then into the bridge. When he gets up, the opponent puts him into a reverse suplex. This is indeed the origin of New Japan.

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