U.F.O. - The Road to "Fighting Arts"

In 1977, Inoki already the idea of the World Martial Arts Association (then known as W.M.A.) during the series of the mixed martial arts matches. Satoru Sayama came up with the open glove with which the fighter can use his fingers, trained at the Mejiro Gym for kickboxing, and fought Mark Costello.
Since then, the idea seemed to be forgotten as Inoki's series of the mixed matches were over. However, after Naoya Ogawa, former world judo champion, became a professional fighter, the relationship between Inoki and Sayama was revived. The idea received the attention after 20 years of the blank.
Inoki's retirement as an active wrestler is not an epilogue of a legend but is actually a prologue of the new legend.

UFO - Universal Fighting arts Organization

The World Martial Arts Association changed from "W.M.A." to the "U.F.O.", and Inoki started the new steps to pursuit the fighting arts.

- U.F.O. Basic Rules

- Profiles of Ogawa, Sayama, and others in U.F.O.


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UFO Official Web Site (in English) http://UFOUSA.com/

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