Antonio Inoki Profile

Ring Name : Antonio Inoki

There are several different stories about the origin of his ring name "Antonio":
  • Named by Rikidozan after the legendary Antonio Rocca.
  • Given a popular first name in Brazil in order to be pushed as a nisei from Brazil.
  • Named after Antonius.

  • Real Name : Kanji Inoki
    Date of Birth : Feburary 20th, 1943 - Blood Type : AB
    Birth Place : 1687 Namamugi-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Japan
    Hight : 190cm
    Weight : 102kg

    The figures are from the recent announcement; however, his muscles have been dropped, and in reality, he is said to weigh less than 100kg. Also, his height is probably less than 191cm. By the way, wrestlers' heights are usually little less than announced. It is probably to keep the impressions that the wrestlers are high, but there is also a story that everybody had to balance the height of Rikidozan, who first annonced the figure little higher than his actual height.
    Right before his "Final Count Down," it was annouced that he was 191cm and 105kg. At the time he founded New Japan, the figures were 191cm and 112kg. Surprisingly, Inoki had a muscular body in his younger days.

    Nick Name : Moeru Toukon (the fighting spirit that burns)

    Named by Yoshikazu Funabashi, former pro-wrestling announcer of NET(today's TV Asahi).

    Titles :

    N.W.A. Texas Heavyweight, World Class Tag, N.W.A. World Tag, U.S. Heavyweight, All Asia Tag, N.W.A. International Tag, N.W.A. United National Heavyweight, "Real" World Heavyweight (Karl Gotch), N.W.F. Heavyweight, N.W.A. North American Tag, W.W.F. Martial Arts World Heavyweight, W.W.F. Heavyweight, U.W.A. World Heavyweight, I.W.G.P. Heavyweight

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