W.W.F. Martial Arts World Heavyweight Title

In 1975, New Japan and WWWF(renamed WWF in March,1979) reached a talent exchange agreement, and Inoki appeared on a Madison Square Garden card for the first time on 12/13/75. In January,1978, Tatsumi Fujinami won the WWWF Junior Heavyweight Title at the MSG. WWWF Heavyweight champions appeared on New Japan cards to defend the title in the same year : Superstar Billy Graham and Bob Bocklund in Feburary and June respectively. Also, because of the death of the WWWF president William Gilzenberg, New Japan booker Hisashi Shinma was assigned as the new WWWF president.

On 12/18/78, Inoki, who appeared on MSG card for the second time, was presented the WWWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship for his achievement to raise the valuation of pro-wrestling through the matches against the fighters of other sports. On the same day, he defended the title for the first time against the masked Texas Red (Red Bastien) in a pro-wrestling match.

Thereafter, the title was put on line in his mixed martial arts matches, and Inoki defended the title against Mr X., Lefthook Dayton, Willem Ruska, Kim Klokeid, Willie Williams, etc.. As the series of his martial arts matches ended, the belt also became inactive.

On 04/24/89, New Japan held the first Tokyo Dome card, and in the main event, Inoki had a match against the Soviet judo gold medalist Chota Chochoshvili, lost the mixed match for the first time, and also lost the title. On 05/25, Inoki won the rematch at Osaka Castle Hall to regain the title, but the title has not been defended since then.

Later, The Greatest 18 Club was formed with Lou Thesz as the founder and recognized the belt as The Greatest 18 Club Championship; however, this title was later unified with IWGP Heavyweight Title and abandoned.

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