Match Progress


At the bell, Inoki slided into Ali's legs. Ali stepped back to dodge. Inoki tried again but missed it. Inoki continued to stay on the ground to throw more kicks into Ali's legs. At 2'55", Inoki gave a clean hit with his right leg into Ali's left leg. Inoki was standing only for 14 seconds.


Inoki kept throwing low kick from a claunching style then laying down on the ground with Ali keeps dodging by stepping back. At 2'15", Inoki misses a drop kick. This was a foul, and Inoki was given a warning. Inoki was standing only for 67seconds with neither man having a effective hit.


Inoki sit up and kept trying to kick. After the first minute, Inoki again started throwing kicks by laying down. A wound started appearing on Ali's left knee. Inoki was standing for 38 seconds.


Inoki throws high kicks from standing position into lower position. After laying down, Inoki kept throwing low kicks and pushed Ali into the corner. Ali held the top ropes to avoid the kicks. The referee breaks. This happened twice. Inoki was standing for 79 seconds.


at 53sec, Inoki's sliding low kick hit Ali, who fell down from the knee. Inoki gave several more low kicks and was advancing in this round. Inoki was standing for 75 seconds.


At 1'02", Ali loses balance with Inoki's low kick. Inoki, laying down, keeps using his left leg to hook Ali's legs. Ali catches Inoki's leg, and both men fell down for the first ground positions. Inoki tried to lock Ali's left ankle. Ali resists and catches the rope. Then, Inoki hit Ali's face with his right elbow. Since this was a foul, Ali's side started making a big noise. Inoki, standing for 65seconds in this round, lost 1 point for foul.


Ali starts showing light jabs for the first time in this match. Inoki gave sliding low kick, which put Ali on the ground from hip. Inoki was standing for 95 seconds, longer than half of the round.


Before the round started, Ali's side complains and requested Inoki to tape the toe parts of his ring shoes. Seems to be meaningless request. Again, Inoki slides into legs of Ali, who continues to dodge. Inoki was standing for 76 seconds and lost another point for low blow.


Between 0'33" and 1'36", Inoki was fighting in standing position for longer than a minute. He seemed to throw three effective low kicks with right legs.


Because of Inoki's low kicks, Ali's left knee started looking purple and swelling. Ali gave a left jab into the left part of Inoki's head for the first time, but it was not effective. Inoki showed a tackle for the first time and made Ali be in panic. Inoki was standing for 73 seconds.


Inoki again started giving sliding kicks. Ali tried to catch and pull the leg. At 2'55", when Inoki tried to slide into Ali's leg, Ali gave a left straight which missed and hit Inoki's right shoulder. Inoki was standing for 89 seconds.


Ali, who was in defending position, Inoki kept throwing low kicks without hesitation. 10 clean hits were made to Ali's leg. Inoki was standing for 101 seconds.


Inoki changed his strategy and stared tackling from standing position. Ali, for the first time in this match, gave a clean left jab into Inoki's face. Inoki lost another point for suppsedly kicking a vital part.


Inoki was standing for 2minutes and 43seconds and also showed a left straight. However, both men were in standstill with no effective moves.


Both men are keeping a same distance and unable to give any offense. Inoki tries to throw several low kicks while Ali tries jabs, but with no effective hit, the bell was rang. Inoki was standing for 126 seconds.