The amusement of life is an offering to the invisible.
---- Six disabled performers play around with this concept.
Their "absolutely electrifying" performance will "challenge and disturb
its audience, questioning our definitions of the art of movement." THE STAGE

August 11th - 16th / 11:00am (12:00)
venue62 Continental Shifts at St.Bride's
10 Orwell Terr., Haymarket, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

August 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd / 4:00pm (5:00)
venue32 Springwell House
Ardmillan Terr., off Gordie Rd., Edinburgh, SCOTLAND

August 27th, / 8:15pm
Dampfzentrale - Kurturhallen am Aarelauf
Marzilistrasse 47, Berne, Switzerland


KIM Manri


KIM Manri
INOUE Tomoko
FUKUMORI Keinosuke
SEKINE Yoshikazu

The most recent work of TAIHEN
(the first public performance is scheduled for June in Japan.)

The first half of the show starts with extremely physical scenes
showing the bodies itself eloquently. The distorted, twisted
bodies and the distinguishing movements that could look ungainly,
will gradually attract the audience by their peculiar beauty.
In the latter half, the performers let their bodies play with queer props,
like odd costumes made of fablic and paper. The apprearance of 'snake people'
with a long tail will be the highlight of the show. Celtic ancient design was
the inspiration for the scene, accordingly to KIM Manri, the choreographer.

Live music --- 'Kokyu'(Chinese violin), guitar and percussion will accompany.


The amusement of life is an offering to the invisible.
If there is no life, there is no such thing as death. But life --- the existing
visible world --- looks like a small fenced-in space. Death removes the border
between 'invisible' and 'naught'. Death expands into eternity here, there,
and everywhere. Between life and death, the soul breathes. What the dead had in mind,
what they intended to do, the living listen to their thought with the ears of the soul.
The departed soul introduce the living to infinity. (KIM Manri)

The theme of this show is the interval between life and death. Departed soul
works on the intercourse between the dead and the living. It is also the soul
float up high freely at times while one is deep into playing.
The departed soul is the soul that gotnrid of its shell.
The amusement of life is an offering to the invisible.
Under this concept, six disabled performers are liberated
from the world visible to the eye, and amuse themselves.


Three of them are severely disabled, unable to stand on thier feet. Among them is the choreographer herself, KIM Manri.

Another one suffers from the severest cerebral palsy, and has a serious impediment in his speech that gives him difficulty in communicating. Although he cannot even sit, the beauty of his body and its inexplicable movement is absolutely remarkable.

There is another man who has a well-tempered upper torso of Heracles that shows great dynamism.

Three others are able to walk.

One of the unique characters is an armless man who has applause at his first appearance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, designated as 'Venus of Milo'.

Another man who bounds around on stage puts in a clownish performance, while a woman dances dynamically with staggering steps.

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