Manri Kim solo performance

Howl under the moon

photo by Kohji Fukunaga (Studio epoque)

Supervised by Yoshito Ohno
Performed by Manri Kim

"Howl under the moon" tries to mirror the innermost depths of human existence by portraying women in various times and situations. Inspired by Kazuo Ohno and his soul for art, Manri Kim presents this silent but passionate physical performance.

"In recent years, both of strength and tenderness have been found in Kim Manri's dance. When she moves, the soul jumps out from deep within her body, and her inner and outer being communicate freely. She becomes the universe itself; she becomes a flower. An excellent piece. "

Yoshito Ohno, Butoh dancer

Scene 1 Wolf
Scene 2 Moon
Scene 3 A witch masquerading as a man
Scene 4 Heart
Scene 5 Panji Semirang's love

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