Over 60 titles from his own label Solstice and also from various labels, touring more than 20 countries around the world along with his laptop performance, while composing for classical ensembles like Ensemble Die Reihe(Austria), Paragon Ensemble(Scotland), Banda Municipal de Barcelona(Catalunya), etc.  Prolific and wide range variety of his original music from orchestral work to live electroacoustic improvisation, is beyond the frames of music category: "One of the most imaginative composers in the world", All Music Guide.

Albums :

Scores :   Scoreexchange.com



"As an independent artist from the day one, it has been huge question that how I could make living with my music(and obviously failed, most of time). Even more(or less), it's the age of streaming. Any amount of your support would be so helpful to continue my activity."

┬ęPhoto byKimmo Kauko at Zoo, Bangkok

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Sheets Music of Koji Asano Available at Score Exchange

Baroque Ensemble -Netherlands- No.1 Amsterdam

Baroque Ensemble -Netherlands- No.2 Rotterdam

Baroque Ensemble -Netherlands- No.3 Utrecht

Baroque Ensemble -Netherlands- No.4 Groningen

Baroque Ensemble -Netherlands- No.5 Den Haag

Flute Trio -Winter Sunshine- No.1 Holland

Flute Trio -Winter Sunshine- No.2 Scotland

Flute Trio -Winter Sunshine- No.3 Greenland

Flute Trio -Winter Sunshine- No.4 Iceland

Flute Trio -Winter Sunshine- No.5 New Zealand

Oboe Trio -Hungary- No.1

Oboe Trio -Hungary- No.2

Oboe Trio -Hungary- No.3

String Quartet No.1 Milano

String Quartet No.2 Ljubljana

String Quartet No.3 Trieste

String Quartet No.4 Venezia

Viola Sonata -Switzerland- No.1 Geneva

Viola Sonata -Switzerland- No.2 Lausanne

Viola Sonata -Switzerland- No.3 Bern

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.1

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.2

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.3

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.4

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.5

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.6

Violin and Viola Suites -Hollersbach- No.7

Violin Greece

Violin Solo No.1

Violin Sonata "Greece"

Wind Ensemble -Belgium- No.1 June Morning

Wind Ensemble -Belgium- No.2 June Noon

Wind Ensemble -Belgium- No.3 June Afternoon

Wind Ensemble -Belgium- No.4 June Evening