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Project Lotus

Outline of Project Lotus

Background: Designer Nakamura has been interested in the similality between the quilt and geometric tilling which fullfill the plain with one tiles.

Nakamura make the quilt designs which associates the lotus flower on the water.

Nakamura asked to volunteer making these quilts at Quilt Forum of NiftyServe , and made Project Lotus quilts at November 2001.

Size: Shoter 1m Wider 1~1.2m(depend on design)

Followings are Designs and Volantee's so-called name in NiftyServe.

Designs with Triangles

No.1:Ms. Ridmy

No.2:Ms. Suzuyu

No.3:Ms. GUCKY

No.4:Ms. Chapu

Designs with Triangle and Square

No.5:Ms. Tamachi

No.6:Ms. Kimiyo

No.7:Ms. Moto

Designs with Pentagon

No.8:Ms. Mi

No.9:Ms. Aria

No.10:Ms. Kirin

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