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Automatical pattern making

We say snow has no same crystal perfectly. Why every snow crystals are looked like snow, and beatyful!!?? Because snow crystal growing has it's own rule. So I think if I make designs with rule, I can make same but different designs automatically. I make animations of designs with programing, so I can implement the rule of design.

Pictures on this page are made with Mathematica.

1 Animation of Star and SuperStar

You can make star as connecting the apexes of polygon at intervals of one. I call SuperStar in case of connecting at intervals of two or over. Please enjoy the animation of Star and SuperStar.

2 Animation of Mosaic Pattern

Consider the painting colors in order to the counts of piling disks in the field of putting disks at one interval. This paintings looks Mosaic pattern. If you change the interval of disk, painting changes it's design.

3 Animation of Snow crystal

If I change color of former Mosaic patter of 6 devided rotation. it becomes Snow crystal Image. Please enjoy the animation of Snow crystal.

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