Welcome to Art on Geomtry


Symmetry is the origin of the art.

Pictures on this page are made with Mathematica.

1 Design made with tiles of triangle, square, hexagon.

In case of fulling the plain with the same shape tiles, triangle, square, hexagon are the regular polygon with this property. Putting in order tiles with various synmetry, we can see many design pattern. Please enjoy the wonder of Symmetry.

2 Trechet Tiling

In case of Trechet Tiling, I use another conectibirity on tiles of triangle, square, hexagon without synmetric consideration. Please enjoy the wonder of connection of tiles.

3 Designs with tiles of same shape

Using the interesting shapes called Stagger Curve and Koumori Curve, I make the wondering designs. Please enjoy these.

About Symmetry

- Copyright - K.Nakamura 2001