CCD images by Celestron C5

and ST-7

The CCD mobile imager

Celestron C5 + SBIG ST-7 + Takahashi EM200

Usually I take my CCD images from Tokyo using my 12 inch Newtonian + HPC-1 CCD. However, from Tokyo, I can not take images of low altitude objects, for example, NGC253. Also, during Spring and Summer, the sky of Tokyo is not very clear. This is the reason why I developed this compact mobile system. The image quality using this system is very close to those using 12 inch system, if I bring it to Mount Fuji.

The images below were taken at Mount Fuji except for M13.

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

M27 (20 min with Edmund IR block)

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

M13 (10 min)

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

NGC253 (22 min)

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

Veil nebula (30 min with Edmund IR block)

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

NGC7331 (30 min x 2)

Please compare with the image of NGC7331(5minx12) by my 12 inch system

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

M51 (20 min x 2)

(768x512size) (600x400 size)

NGC253 by LRGB quadcolor

(L=22 min, R=G=B=20 min with 2x2 bining)

M42 by C5+ST-7

L=R=G=B=5, LRGB quadcolor

M27 by C5 + ST-7E (non ABG)

The first image by my new ST-7E camera. L:10min, R=G=B=5min (3x3 binning). Please note that this image was taken by 5 inch scope with 25 min exposure under heavy light pollution of Tokyo.

LRGB image of M82 by C5(12.5cm) + ST-7E

L:40min, R=B=20min, B=40min

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