This is very short explanation about miso.

About miso (from a leaflet of Health Miso Association)

Effect of miso
The miso with the history in 1300 in Japan is an eminent, healthy food also in the world. A lot of elements to keep a miso health areincluded. For instance, cholesterol was decreased and it was prevented arteriosclerosis, effective also in the stomach ulcer prevention and the prevention of the cancer, an effect of removing nicotine of cigarette, there was an effect by which the radioactive substance was furthermore removed, and the miso was sent to Chernobyl after the nuclear power plant accident.

Root of miso
Appearing to the document in Japan is Nara era(about 1200 years ago). It was called Hishio, and was only the aristocrat could eat, and the luxurious food. It was carried via Korean peninsula from China. It is said to develop originally in Japan afterwards and to have become a present miso though the manufacturing method and the eating person were somewhat different from a present miso. Having widely gained in popularity is a civil wars age(about 400-500 years ago).
The civil wars generals paid attention to the preservation method and the nutritive value and had the Samurai carry.On this occasion,Miso gained in popularity in people.

Raw material of miso
The miso is the one that malt(Koji) and the salt based on the rice and wheat were ripened to the one that the soybean which was a main raw material, it was steamed. And,it is classified into the rice miso, the wheat miso, and the soybean miso with the raw material of malt(Koji). The soybean miso is the one that all based on the soybean of a main raw material.

Characteristic of miso by region
The miso is classified depending on tastes such as sweet or dry besides the classification with the raw material and the colours such as a red miso, and white miso. By the way, the miso of SUZUKEN is a miso. There is various misoes in a Japanese whole country and It is pleasant to taste misoes of various places imagining the climate in the region.

The colour of the difference miso
It is chiefly decided to a red miso and a white miso depending on the manufacturing method. It is originally an inclusion of the browning element in the soybean which is a main raw material as for the colour. The browning element remains in the bean when steaming at first though this element goes out to the broth when the soybean is boiled down by the first distance. It will be red by fermented a long term, and then it will be white by fermented a short term.

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