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My favourite camera of all time!!!
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Hi, all shutterbugs!

Express your love of your most loved cameras... that you are using... it could either be 35mm or medium format. Note that this is a One-Man-One Vote system. Thanks.

VoteNumber of
28481Olympus OM-2S
20477Olympus OM1
19686Leica M6
18461Olympus XA
12228Leica R8
10071Olympus OM2 N
6863Olympus OM4T
5828Canonet QL17 GIII
4882Leica M3
3452Pentax MZ5
2979Leica R7
2805Pentax ME Super
2779Minox GT-E
1838Olympus OM4
1770Leica M2
1623Olympus OM-3Ti
1617Olympus OM3Ti
1168Pentax Spotmatic
656Leica M4
591Linhof Kardan BI
573Leica R6.2
343Pentax Super Program
271Zenit E
261Pentax PZ-1P
242Leicaflex SL
239Pentax LX
210Leica M5
185Canon EOS 5
159Pentax MX
135Linhof Technika 6x9
135Canon EOS 10/10s
128Nikon F5
119Fuji Funflash
113Nikon F3HP
111Pentax K1000
111Nikon F4s
108Minolta SRT 101
103Nikon FE2
95Nikon FM2n
79Nikon F60
76Olympus IS-3000
73KOWA 6
71Canon ElanII/ElanIIe.EOS50/EOS50e
69Nikon Pronea S
67Leica III
65Canon T-90
57Contax G2
54Nikon F2AS
53Nikon 90x
50Olympus OM-10
47Nikon N70
46Minolta Dynax 9xi/9
40Minolta Maxxum 7000i
39Praktica MTL 5
38Nikon FE
36Olympus OM-88 (OM-101)
35Rolleiflex 6 X 6 TLR
35Contax RTS III
34Seagull TLR (cheap and good!)
31Nikon F-100
31Canon EOS-3
30Kodak Disposable Camera
30Canon F-1N
28Minolta X-700
27Nikon 8008 / 8008s
26Nikon 6006
24Contax G1
24Minolta XD-11
22Nikon Pronea 6i
22Nikon FA
20Nikon FM
20Canon AE-1/Program
19Nikon N2020
19Yashica FX3 Super 2000
19Olympus OM2000
18Canon T70
17Nikon F2
16Nikon FG
16Retina IIIC
15Canon EOS A2E
15nikon F601
14Voigtlander Vitomatic II
14Rollei 6008 Integral
14Canon EOS-1n
14Leica M7
14Olympus Stylus Epic/ mjuII
13Contax T2
12Contax RX
12Olympus OM5Taf
11oly Pen FT
11Olympus OM2n
11Olympus RC35
11koni omega
10Hasselblad 503CW
10Olympus OM2
10Fuji GSW690
9Olympus OM-2
9Koni-Omegaflex w/135
8Minolta Maxxum 600si
8Canon EOS 1N
8Canon EOS 620
8Leica Mini Zoom / Z2X
7Canon Rebel G
7Olympus Pen F/FT
7Leica IIIg
7Polaroid SX-70
6Petacon Six (East German) w/Carl Zeiss Jena Lenses
6Contax 139Quartz
5Nikon SP
5A mislis, da si frajer?
5Minolta Maxxum 700si
5Canon EOS IX
5spend your time to shot images; instaed of writing Linhof nosense
5olympus xa 4
4Kto suda zaxodit, progolosuite zdes!
4Olympus LT 105 Lots of features, good Quality
4LEICA M is the best of the best
4Kodak Special 620
4Olympus OM-3
3Leica R9af
3Linhof Technikardan 45
3Nikon F w/optical action finder
3Contax 167MT
3Leica M6 Kicks Butt on Linhof Kardon BI
3Linhof Kardan BI voters can not read
3Kodak DC20
3Kodak Instamatic
2Photos Taken With Linhof Kardan BI Kicks Butts on Photos Taken With Leica M6
2Linhof Kardan BI takes rollfilm (120) back
2but LEICA M is the favourite camera of all time
2Linhof Kardan BI is not 35mm nor MF
2Everton Football Club!
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