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Siyoh Tomiyama (Born in 1961)

Composer, Writer, Spiritual Seeker

I began playing pop music on the guitar at the age of twelve. Around the age of seventeen, I started to get involved seriously with solo guitar, that is, the classical guitar. I naturally started to compose after several months. I was in the second grade of the Mathematics Department in Yamagata University when I decided to seriously learn about composition under a private tutor. I was learning harmony briefly under Ichiroo Kudoo until I graduated from university.
After moving to Tokyo in 1983, I frequently visited the big music library in Kunitachi University to listen to and analyze famous works of now and past. I also read many books on the theory of composition. Then I entered in a diploma course of Classical Guitar Department at Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi. Since I was the only student in the history of the course, there was no formal curriculum for him. So I could take all classes of the diploma course of Composition Department. Many famous composers were teaching there. One of them was famous Akira Nishimura. I got his influence and was caught by the fascination of ethnic music. I listened to and played various music from around the world at an institution for ethnic music in Kichijooji, Tokyo.
After assimilating the essence of ethnic music, I purposely tried to compose a piece not using any of the musical techniques that I had been learning or discovering over the years. It took two years to finish this work Inishie Matsuri. But these efforts were rewarded by the obtaining of the "Takei prize" in 1992, a prize awarded to the Japanese person who wrote the best guitar piece in that year.
While I could compose smoothly, I once had to give up playing guitar because of Dystonia. After about 15 years, in the last month of the year 2006, I came back to the guitar playing field and had some small concerts. But the Dystonia beat me again and I became not be able to play any single piece. It was just the beginning of 2011 when I felt I could fix my finger's problem. I had a debut concert in 2012 as a guitarist composer.
My first book about spiritual matters were published in 2016. Here is the summery of the book.