View point of cherry blossom
* when and where you can see the most beautiful flowers in Kyoto
Viewpoint of red maple
* when and where you can see the most beautiful leaves in Kyoto
Red Kyoto
*Nanzenji in autumn
White Kyoto
* Wintery scene of the famous place

In the spring and autumn, the town of Kyoto is coverd by cherry blossoms and red maples .
You have to catch a few good opportunity, to see it.
The situation of the flowers and leaves change from day to day.
The best instant does not come in the same day every year.
The big problem for the people comes from a distance is when they will step on the ground of Kyoto.
The description on the general guide book is ambiguous, so does not promise you "when" in this year.
Here are some data with photographs to predict the best days in this year for yourself.
A wonderful encounter visits in the end of a scrupulous thinking.
Let's search different pleasure, in the case that you let go a good opportunity in spite of your effort.
There are many many beautiful items in addition in Kyoto.
*The image of the upper title is a part of yuzen-design Mr.Yunosuke painted.

You can check the bloom expectation of the cherry tree at the below site.
Meteorological Agency

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