Quizzes on Japan

Decchi course (Level of fundamental)

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1 Where is Japanese capital ? answer
2 Which is Japanese clothes, "ao dai" or "kimono" ?answer
3 Which is Japanese money, "Yen" or "Won" ?answer
4 Which is larger, Japan or China?answer
5 What is the highest mountain in Japan?answer
6 What is painted in Japanese national flag ? answer
7 Is Japan the island country or continental one ?answer
8 What is the Japanese national sport played by fat men? answer
9 What is necessary to make "Sushi", oil, pepper or vinegar ? answer
10 What is "tofu" made from?answer

How many questions did you answer correctly ?

0 - 3
4 -7
8 -10
Ple~~ase have the interest in Japan a little more. There seems some poor field in you.You are observing common sense. You must know more about Japan.

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