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Ancient times-Heian period

Ancient timesHIMIKO

The queen in the 3rd century. The name of the kingdom that she reigned is "Yamataikoku". She is said to have been grasping the people's minds with mysterious power as a shaman. According to the old book of China, she sends a messenger in China and was authorized by the Emperor of Gi.

Asuka/Nara period

The prince in the Nara Period. He worked as the regent of the emperor. He imported Buddhism and protected it. His letter addressed to China that was said one from the country where the sun rises(Japan) to the country where the sun sets (China), is famous as that showed Japanese pride.
People said he had the mysterious power to understand eight conversations simultaneously. His face is painted to the present bill of 5000 yen.

NAKANO OENO OUJI (Prince Nakano Oe)

The prince in the Nara Period. Tenji Tenno in after. Plotting the coup d'etat with Nakatomino Kamatari, he took the political power from Soga family. Upgrading the register system and the tax law he founded the nation of the centralization. This reform is called "Taika no kaishin".

NUKATANO OKIMI (Princess Nukata)

The woman of the Imperiol family in the Nara Period. It is conceivable that she was playing the role of a court poet. She was so clever and beautiful that was loved by both Tenji Tnno and Tenmu Tnno.

ARIMANO MIKO (Prince Arima)

The prince in the Nara Period. Although he attired insanity himself so as not to be involved to the political dispute, he was accused of rebellion coercively by Nakano Oeno Ouji , and was killed when he was teenager. The prince of tragedy.


Studying Esoteric Buddhism in China, he founded Shingon sect in Japan.
Besides he does study and prayer in temple, he worked for the society as making flumes and schools.
One of the three greatest handwriting (sho) masters in Japan. He is called Kobodaishi, too. There are proverbs "Kobo even has a slip of the pen." means "Homer sometimes nods." and "Kobo doesn't choose writing brush." means "A bad workman blames his tools."


The scholar in the Heian era. He succeeded as a politician, but the slander of his political rival relegated him. It is said that he became a spirit after death and revenged. People fear his curse and deified him as God to "Kitano Tenmangu" in Kyoto . He is also "God of study".


The poet in the Heian era. It is said to be the hero of " Ise story". The handsome man who had much passionate romances.


The poet in the Heian era. She composed many excellent love poems. A woman of unmatched beauty.


He was a calendar scholar, a diviner and a magic mentor who belonged to the Imperial Court of the Heian period. Mastering the Yin Yang philosophy that is derived from ancient China, he manipulated the soul metamorphosing freely called "Shikigami" and caused mysterious phenomena . Such a person is called "onmyouji" or "onyouji".


A Yin Yang master (onmyouji) that rivaled in power with Abeno Seimei.


An court lady in the Heian period. The author of "the Story of Genji". An intelligent woman who was employed by Shoushi, the second consort of Emperor Ichijo. She seems to have been rivaling in the talent with Sei Shonagon, because their employers were rivals each other in love.


An court lady in the Heian period. The author of the essay, " Makurano Soushi". An intelligent woman who was employed by the Empress Teishi of the Emperor Ichijo. She seems to have been rivaling Murasaki Shikibu in talent, because their employers were rivals each other in love.


A general. He took advantage of the dispute of the Imperial Family and nobles and obtained the power. He reigned to the political world as the grandfather of the emperor finally. However, haughty Heike family and lazy aristocratic culture caused the antipathy of people, so soon after his death Heike family was ruined by Genji family.

"The Heike Story" tells anout the prosperity and ruin of their family. It says "Even the person who prides now will not permanent. Everything is like as mere dream in a spring night".

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