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NAMEthe name most Japanese know
NAMEthe name many Japanese know

Sumo wrestler. Becoming to"Yokozuna(strongest sumo wrestler)" at 21 years old in 1961, thereafter he established many records by 1971.
"Giants, Taiho and Omelet" were said the favorite things of children. His name was the pronoun of strength.
Baseball player belonged to Yomiuri Giants in Japan from 1959 to 1980.
He hitted a lot of homers by "one leg style" and contributed in the golden age of Giants. At that time, Japan was just restoring one's economy on urgent speed. People say that they worked hard every day and saw his play at night to encourage themselves. He and Mr. Nagashima were called "O/N gun" and was expected by many fans. 868 homers were booked in his life. His uniform number was 1, which is a permanent missing number after him. His nickname was "Wan-chan (Mr. 1)".
He was a diligent person exemplarily.
Baseball player belonged to Yomiuri Giants in Japan from 1957 to 1974.
He is so famous person as called "Mr. Giants" or "Mr. Baseball" in Japan. He constructed a bright era of Giants with Mr. Oh.
He was the owner of showmanship who striked when he should do so , and handled a ball magnificently. Seeing such plays, people caused to throb heart.
Once, he was called out although he hitted a homer, because he had forgotten to step on a base. His conversation is usually too unreasonable to understand. Rather such funny character is loved from many fans.
His uniform number was 3 which is the permanent missing number of Giants. The words he said when he retired is very famous, "Giants is immortality for ever!"
The wife of John Lenon. She exerted a large influence on Lenon.
The empress from common people. She is respected by nations as the gentle and modest woman with intelligence. The Imperial Family of Japan is said that extended their life one hundred years by virtue of the women such as her, Princess Masako and Princess Kiko irrespective of the trend to Equal principle in modernism.
The princess from common people. She was courted by the prince Hironomiya when she was working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a woman who has a people sense and also who proves the high ability of women, she obtains the trust of young women even negative to the old marriage system or Tnnoism.
Baseball player. A pitcher who has fastball and forkball as weapons. In 1995 when the transfer system had not been thoroughly equipped with yet, he jumped out from the Japanese baseball world with no guarantee.
Characteristic pitching form like a tornado and the record such as two No-hitters at American major league are bright.
However, the biggest reason of our respect for him is his mind as challenger and pioneer never giving up his dream even when he is in adversity.
Baseball player. He had taken an active part as the lead-off batter and the fast runnner of Orix Blue Waves since 1994.
Extending his batting average with the original form called "the pendulum style ", he continued to be the leading hitter of the Pacific league in Japan for 7 years. Meantime he became the cleanup. He is taken strikeout seldom.
He was called one of "the new breed of Japanese", because of his cool character that not be excited at the victory of his team or at his own achievement of new record. However, training steadily, standing and running with a correct attitude always, doing job dumbly, and giving priority to the winning of the team even more a private record, he cause us to image a typical old-fashioned samurai, too.
Acquiring the stabilized form instead of the pendulum style, he has been playing for Seattle Mariners in American major league since 2001.
Baseball player(pitcher). He was the closer of Yokohama Bay Stars in Japan. Any batter could not strike his forkball then. The nickname of "Daimajin" was presented him because batters couldn't do anything other than standing after he once confronted on the mound dignifiedly .
"Daimajin" means the giant deity of rock that was shown on TV twenty or thirty years ago.
The batters of other teams said as for the game against Baystars, there were only 8 innings for attack practically because Sasaki would appear on 9th inning.
The simple shrine for "Daimajin" was once putted up in the Yokohama station. Many fans prayed the victory of Baystars there.
He is working well for Seattle Mariners in American major league from 2000. New face prize acquisition in 2000.
Football player. He has been the target of the attention of the Japanese soccer world since when he was a child. After he became a professional player, he worked as the leading player of Bellmare Hiratsuka and Japanese representative team . His exact judgment , advanced techniques and bold game tactics brought the first participation right with Olympic and a victory over Brazil to Japan at Atlanta.
He joined AC Perugia in Italy's Serie A from 1998, and transferred to AS Roma in 2000.
Keyboad player, composer. YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) with the mysterious taste that mixed electronic music and race music was organized in 1978 and was paid attention from the world.
Even after the group was dissolved, he has continued a global activity with the sound tracks of the movies, multimedia live performances and etc. ,
Especially the theme music of "the Last Emperor" and "the Shelterring Sky" are famous.
Changing job from the physician of the cardiosurgery she became an astronaut of Space shuttle. She is the first Japanese woman who went to the universe. When she appeared on mass media, many people were surprised what an excellent woman she was. Especially , Japanese women who never imagined their own possibility like that waked up and be encouraged. Her mind, body and intelligence are tough. She flew the universe with the "Colombia" in 1994 and with the "Discovery" in 1998.
The new Prime Minister. 80 or 90 percent of nations support him now. However, whether he will become a hero really or not is indistinct. How many Prime Ministers have disappointed the nations up to now !
He is keeping the original image of good lawyer; person for justice, although doctor and lawyer are thought the jobs only suiting to become rich in Japan now.
He has both the sincerity that looks at the events from the viewpoint of victims and the high business ability that does not fall into idealism, without depending to the elite consciousness.
In recent years, he took on the hard and difficult job, huge bad loan collection that everyone refused for a nation without pay.

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