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Tintagel Castle
Glastonbury Abbey
Chalice Well
Tor Hill
Winchester Catsle
Tristan' s Stone

Tintagel Catsle

The castle which is said that King Arthur was born. It is the ruins, on the precipitous cliff.
You can see the strict and beautiful sea from here.
The walking course along the seaside is good although it is not easy to walk.
"The Cave of Merlin" is in the beach under the castle.

You should take a bus or taxi from " Bodmin Parkway " station to the downtown of" Bodmin ".
And from Bodmin, it takes 30 munites by bus(direct) or 90 munites(in the case of changing at " Wadebridge ") to Tintagel.
There are not so many bus servises.
The bus from Exeter runs depending in the date of the week.
In Tintagel village, there are some lodging institution and no information.
You had better reserve the hotel at the tourist information of Bodmin or Wadebridge, even if you would stay at Tintagel.

Glastonbury Abbey

The monastery site where the grave of Arthur and Guinevere had been.
It is the spacious solemn ruins.
There is the library contains unique exhibition such as the explanation about the life of the asceticism priest in the middle age

Approximately 1 hour by bus from " Bristol Temple Mead ".
The bus bound for " Bridgewater " was seen.
If you take a taxi from "Castle Carry " station, it costs ’15 or so.

Chalice Well

According to the legends, "the Saint Grail " was sunk in this well at innermost of "the Chalice Well Garden" .
As for this gardesn, it is in the foot of Tor Hill in Glastonbury.
There are many quiet spot for meditation in it.
At the souvenir shop in this garden, many kinds of meditation goods are sold; illustrations of druid priest, power stones, the essence of the thorn and etc.

Tor Hill

The hill of Glastonbury.
They say it was the "island" when the surroundings were a swamp in ancient times.
There is the opinion that the island is "Avalon" where dying Arthur and fairies went .
I saw a group trying channelling under the tower with medieval atmosphere.

Although the hill is not so high itself, if you take round trip from downtown and ascend and descend it, you will have much exercise.


There is the legend that Merlin made it with magic.
You can not touch the stones actually now.

Hearing the explanation in each language, visitors traveled around it slowly.
The bus departs once in every hour from " Salisbury " station. It taks 20 minutes or so for one way.

The following photographs are offered by Ms. Kojima. (' 99 summer)


The battlefield of Camlann which caused Arthur to die is said "Slaughter Bridge" .

You can see the stone says it was the battlefield of Camlann in the Camel river.

Winchester Catsle

You can see the famous Round Table here.

Tristan' s Stone

They say Tristan is sleeping eternally here.


Many people say Camelot was here, the hill of " South Cadbury ".


There is an opinion that the battlefield of Camlann was here.

There are many other places called "The hill of Merlin", "Tristan's Stone" " Imperial seat of Arthur", "Arthur's Round Table" and etc. principally in Wales and Cornwall.
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