A Guide to Yokohama
Welcome to Yokohama!!
The city hosting the final match

Japanese Currency

The yen is the only unit of currency in Japan. Japanese prefer using cash rather than credit cards. Credit cards are used occasionally.

Japanese Bills

The bills on this page are very elaborate toy replicas.

Ten thousand yen bill
10,000 yen

Five thousand yen bill
5,000 yen

Two thousand yen bill
2,000 yen This bill was published to commemorate the year 2000; however, this bill is rarely used. Even Japanese rarely see this bill. One of the reasons for the bills rarity is that almost all vending machines do not accept this bill.

A thousand yen bill
1,000 yen

Japanese Coins

A 500 yen coin
500yen There are two versions of 500 yen coin, old and new, that are very similar. The shape and weight of the 500 yen coin was very similar to the 500 won coin of South Korea, so vending machine fraud using the 500 won coin occurred frequently. As a countermeasure, many vending machines were altered not to accept 500 yen coins and a new 500 yen coin was printed.
For this reason, many vending machines may still not accept 500 yen coins. Alternatively, many vending machines may only accept new 500 yen coins.

A 100 yen coin
100 yen

A 50 yen coin
50 yen

A 10 yen coin
10 yen

A 5 yen coin
5 yen Vending machines do not accept the 5 yen coin. The arabic numeral 5 is not printed on the surface. Only the Chinese character for 5 is printed.

A 1 yen coin
1 yen Vending machines do not accept the 1 yen coin.

The front and the back of all coins

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