100 Phrases for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

Written by Kei Nakahara
All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1997,2004,Kei Nakahara
English Translation by TQByT
(c)Aris Multimedia Entertainment, Inc, 1993.
NEW! I added new 12 Phrases, so the Phrases became 100 Phrases !

1. Because you have taken on the sorrow, your loved one did not have to go through this pain...

Where there are two loving people,
One must always leave another behind no matter how strong their love may be.
When there are two loving people,
They are destined to part someday yet only one must carry on with a burden of sorrow.

You have spared your loved one from going through the pain and sorrow you are going through.

2. Now, your loved one has escaped from all worldly suffering...

Your loved one is now free of all fetters,
And will no longer have to live through this world's cruelty, misery,
distress, pain and hardship.
Perhaps your loved one is at peace now,
Closer to God and angels.

3. Your loved one's kindness and warmth lives on in you...

When you think of your loved one,
Doesn't it remind you of all the warm memories he or she has left behind ?
Like those caring words and kind acts ?
When your loved one was alive,
There must have been times when you two had fights,
And thought the person was a nuisance.
But now a proud citizen of the Heavenly City,
Your loved one is showering people with nothing but dear memories from up above.
This is how your heart becomes filled with his or her precious, joyous remembrances.
Your loved one's kindness and warmth lives on in you...

4. Are these tears for your loved one, or for yourself ?

If tears you shed are meant for your loved one,
Cry until you can cry no more;
They are beautiful tears.

If tears you shed are cried for yourself,
They are ugly and impure.

Do not mix beautiful tears with selfish tears.

5. Cry like pouring rain when sadness takes you over.
Instead of straining to keep a facade of peace,
Cry alone until tears run dry...

Cry, cry and cry...
Tears are there to protect your heart.
When tears finally run dry, your heart will be calm and quiet.
Feeling clear inside,
You will be left with the transpicuous sense of being blessed with life.
So, look for beautiful things around you,
And you will find a hope, a hope to move on.

Proof that you loved that person

Can it be helped that the wound of losing that person hurts you greatly?
Are tears streaming from the wound instead of blood?
This unrelenting pain is probably eating you away inside.
The cry of pain has probably become a wail.

As long as you are you, you will have this pain in your heart.
However, and this is important, in time you can get accustomed to this pain.
This pain is proof that you are you.
This pain is proof that you loved that person.
Accept the pain as pain, and live through it.

Of course, you need not follow after your loved one to prove the depth of your love.
The proof is in your heart.

6. The more sorrow you go through, the kinder you become...

These are the tears of wisdom.
At the least, you have learned the pain of losing a loved one.
Now, when others are feeling the same sorrow,
You have the capacity to help, and understand their pain.

7. What you can gain by experiencing the hardships of losing someone you love...

Sadness and suffering make people wiser -
A happy, worry-free life will only create a child trapped in a man's body.

Sadness and suffering will follow us as long as we live -
If you can no longer feel these emotions, it's a sign that you have
stopped growing as a person.

Sadness and suffering enable us to be strong enough to be kind to others.

8. Deepest sorrow, strongest love...

You have loved someone so much,
And now, you are feeling so much sadness.
Celebrate !
If you are capable of giving love so pure, so deep,
You will be able to love again.

9. Your loved one must have wanted you to live the happiest life you could ever live...

Would he or she want to see you so lonely, so sad for so long?
Don't let your loved one worry in heaven.

Do not blame yourself...

Every survivor feels a great burden and restlessness
because they continue to live although their loved one died.
And, it is not rare that this feeling turns to unwarranted guilt.
The truth is, many people continue to blame themselves for
even the smallest things they did or did not do immediately
before the death of their loved one.

However, the reasons are almost always subjective.
Surely, if they really had been wrong, they would be receiving
a just punishment from society. They are thinking too little
about that person and too much about their own failure.

Only unless you live like a saint can you live without regrets.
Please, do not blame yourself.

10. Your contribution was simply being there...

How happy and fortunate your loved one must have felt to be with you.
Your existence must have meant so much to his or her life.
So stop looking back,
Don't be swayed by hindsights, just let go of little regrets.

11. Do not think of going after your loved one...

You must not make others go through this sorrow.
As long as there is someone who will be saddened by your death,
Do not even consider taking your own life -
It may let you escape from the sorrow you are feeling now,
But it will bring the burden upon someone new who loves you.
Life does not belong just to you.

12. Although you have lost an irreplaceable love, you and your life can bring a new life into this world...

If you are able to have a child,
You can bring a new life into this world -
Perhaps you have already gone through this joyous process.
You maybe grieving over losing a close love,
But don't forget that you have the ability to create a new life.
And even if you cannot have a child, you can still create a love.
That's just as good as having a child.


Look at a child. Just like you, a child is always crying.
But, unlike you, a child soon smiles after crying.
Even though a sad thing happens to a child, a child does not continue to cry forever.
A child is not troubled by the past and does not feel sorrow for the future.
A child is like a free and innocent angel.

A child simply thinks only about living.
A child simply loves and receives love.
You were a child once.
When it seems like you will be crushed by sorrow,
remember that you once existed in complete innocence.

13. Think of loving others if you want to escape sadness...

Think of loving, and not of being loved.
If there is someone who is in more pain and sorrow than you are,
Give him or her your loving hand and warm support...
You have the ability to comfort others.

14. Sleep when your feelings are all jumbled up...

Cry until tears run dry.
And when you are tired from crying, sleep.
Sleeping lets you escape from the reality.
Emotional wounds that are eating you up from inside
Will be gently healed away while you are asleep.

15. If you feel as though your heart is filled with shattered pieces of glass,
And there is nothing you can do to restore the peace of mind.

Just eat and sleep.
These are the basic activities that help you stabilize your emotions.

16. When the shock is so great that you can cry no more.

Think of something sad that brings tears to your eyes.
Crying will relieve your heart of stresses, and ease your sorrow.

17. If you are stuck in indolence yet feeling stressed out.

You are suffering from the poisonous effects of self-disgust caused by your own idleness.
Get up, and move around,
Moving around in the house may not be much fun -
Why not try going out ?
The fresh air should aid you in cheering up your spirits.

18. Winter is always followed by spring...

There is night and day,
There is winter and spring.
The seasons change,
And this sorrow will not last forever.

19. Adapting to the situation, conquering the sadness...

Don't forget that people have a remarkable ability to adapt,
And get used to any adversities.
Though you may feel that your sorrow may last forever,
You will get over it.
Just believe in your future even if you are experiencing difficult times now,
The pain will lessen.
Everything will be fine again.

20. The meaning of tears...

There are tears of sadness,
There are tears of joy.
Tears are the signs of peak states of emotion,
They are the sparkling reflections of one's life.
Tears appear when we touch upon the deepest truth within our souls,
They are the proof of your humanity,
They are the proof that you are alive.

21. Do not take your own life to make up for accidentally taking a loved one's life...

If you die, your family and friends will be the ones burdened with sorrow.
And for those who are to suffer through the death of two people,
The tragedy they have to go through will be worse than the one you are going through.
You should be painfully aware of the sadness the death of a person can bring.

Dying is an easy way out yet it is a choice that should never be made,
Even if you believe out of moral obligation that you should die.

There is no morally correct death as long as your death causes more suffering.

22. Accidents...

The more the body is damaged in an accident, the shorter the time victim has suffered.
Besides, the body is programmed to pass out once pain reaches a certain level.

It is likely that your loved one did not have to feel as much pain as you may think.
At least, he or she is now in a world where neither pain nor suffering exists.


Was your meeting with your loved one a meeting of fate?
Was it fate that only your meeting with that person and no other would mature into true love?
And, was that persons death some kind of mistake?

If your meeting with that person was a meeting of fate, this sad separation is probably also fate.
It may well be that everything was predetermined from the day you were born until the day you die.
Even your meeting, and even your separation.

If there is such a thing as fate, then it was the fate of you and your loved one.
---- You will feel more comfortable if you think so.
No one, including you, is to blame for the occurrence of this death.

23. Sorrow is the expression of love itself...

When you are faced with a fate so brutal,
You may blame yourself, or someone else, to deny reality,
And your heart may become filled with hatred for others.

But when you cry, do not hate anyone.
Sorrow is the expression of love itself,
But hate opposes love.

Why not only give love ?

24. Knowing sorrow...

Someone once said,
"If I can save one person from the depths of sorrow, my life is not meaningless."
Through this pain, you have now become someone who understands others' sorrow.
You have grown stronger through the death of your loved one.

25. The world is a cruel and merciless place, but your heart that cries for another's death is not...

You are a warm person.
You are feeling so much sorrow because of the depth of your love.
Even if this world is a cruel and merciless place, your heart is not...
The more loving and caring you are, the more grief-stricken you will be,
But the tears you shed will never be wasted,
Every teardrop is the source of strength that makes you kinder to others.

26. Love heals wounds of lost love...

Your friends and family must be concerned about your well-being.
Try and focus on their love that surrounds you,
And be aware of those who care about you.
There is love of family,
There is love of friends.

And even if you are all alone in this world,
You are blessed by love of your loved one who is now in Heaven.

27. You have learned about the preciousness of life through this pain...

Through the death of your loved one,
You have learned the true value of life.

Through his or her own death,
Your loved one has taught you
That there are so many who cry and suffer
When their loved ones die.

28. What has not been lost...

Paying too much attention to what you have lost,
You would neglect what you have now.

It is unfortunate that we often do not realize
What we have until we lose them.
Take a good look around you,
And you will recognize many things that have not been lost.

What you can do?

For the sake of that special person, give that person the gift of living your own life at least one day longer.

29. Look for beautiful things...

Although fate is a cruel thing,
There is much love and beauty still left in this world -
It is not such a bad place to live after all.
When your eyes are all dried up
And you can cry no more,
You are there face to face with life.
That's when your senses are cleansed of all worldly filth.
That's when you start seeing a whole new meaning in everything you encounter.

Look for beautiful things,
And you will find something.

30. Listen to sad songs when you are down.

It will lift your spirits.
Sad movies, stories and poems are also recommended.

31. When your heart feels hollow and empty inside, keep yourself busy...

You should cry when you are sad,
But when emptiness is all your heart can feel,
Don't stand still;
Move around and keep yourself busy.

32. When tears don't fall, do not lie down...

When you lie down,
And when your body stops all its movements,
Your consciousness will creep deep into your thoughts.

"I do not want to live anymore. I do not want to do anything..."
Whenever laziness arises, try to stay busy.
Let's start with laundry and cleaning up your room,
You will be surprised how it helps you forget your sorrow.

33. Bathing is the best medicine for depression...

If you are feeling down,
Take a bath and relax.
It blows away all your minor blues,
And your heart becomes more susceptible.
Do not waste this revitalized moment aimlessly staring at TV;
Get yourself absorbed in your favorite hobby.

34. For those who say they have no friends to talk to...

How about getting a pet?
If dogs or cats require too much care and attention,
Hamsters and small birds are fairly easy to care for.
Pets may not understand your words
But they provide unconditional love,
And express life's joy through their body language.
They play an important role in bringing out your love.

35. Plant seeds and nurture plants...

Caring for plants enables you to see and enjoy their daily growth.
Water them, and you'll see them silently live and transform.
And when they flower, there will be peace in your mind.
Your daily care will result in brilliantly colored flowers,
And seeds for more flowers.

Flowers are the reflections of our life,
Seeds are the souls of our children.

As you watch a flower grow, live and die,
You will see yourself in the same life cycle.
A new sprout that is delicate and full of life...
A young stem that shoots into the sky...
Securing its roots and opening its leaves wide, it grows and grows and grows...
A new bud that glows with an anticipation for a bright future...
A blossoming flower that is shining with colors of life...
Finding a partner to pollinate, it creates another beginning...
There is a period to save its energy of life,
There is a period to let it all flourish,
And there is a moment to stop it all and return to earth...

If even a simple plant has so much to live, so much to offer,
Then your life must have so much more to live, so much more to offer.
So, don't just stand still in sorrow;
Watch and learn from nature which lives to grow.

36. Balancing your heart and emotions...

When very sensitive people experience a great tragedy,
It causes their hearts to lose emotional stability.

You may be having a trouble distinguishing dreams from reality,
You may be hearing imaginary voices talking in your head,
And you may be feeling a fear of uncertainty that now surrounds your future.
But you must not worry; there are many modern cures and treatments that quickly and easily heal your emotional malady.

Try to throw away all your needless anxieties,
Give your heart some room to relax.
You will be just fine.

37. Seek a counselor if you are feeling destructive...

Simply opening up your heart to a counselor
Will help you unload emotional burden off of your shoulders;
It will calm you down.
Do not suffer all by yourself.
Talk to someone, and allow your heart to depend on others.

38. Put on your favorite clothes and go out...

Take your time,
Go ahead and indulge yourself to look your best.
Put on your favorite clothes,
And step out into town.

If you are a man, do the same...

Wrapped in your favorite outfit,
Feeling as good as you look,
And walk through streets and avenues.
It is said to do more for your vitality than any therapist can.

Take my word for it and give it a try,
Outing is believing.

39. When your heart feels deserted and irritated, find something to get involved in...

There are only so many conditions that guarantee happiness -
Either be surrounded by love,
Or be involved in something that keeps your mind occupied.
Find a goal to dedicate your time and energy.

Why are you alive?

Why am I alive? Your heart is captured in despair and it probably has become a habit for you to lament these words.

But these words are very important keywords for opening the door to your heart.
Aren't they wonderful words? Ask yourself for the first time.
Why are you alive? What can you do to attain true satisfaction?
What really is important in your life?

Now, you desire to open the door to this life.
Each whisper after whisper will slowly and steadily open the heavy door.
Over there is the life you want to make.

Important answers do not come soon. Do not hurry.

40. Don't stop working...

Even if you have lost all your motivation
From the shock of losing a loved one,
You must not quit your job.
Even if you feel like there's a hole in your broken heart,
And even if you find yourself crying to and from work everyday,
You must not quit the job you have so faithfully kept for so long.

The positive pressures of working,
Caring colleagues and loving friends...
These are the things you need to overcome grief this deep,
These are the things that keep you away from feeling this sorrow.

This is your opportunity to learn about social responsibility,
Responsibility of controlling your sorrow to avoid making others worry about you.

41. You are alive, here and now...

Your body may be feeling like it's being torn apart,
Your heart may be feeling an endless emptiness,
Your mind may be withstanding sadness words could never say.

You maybe feeling like you are falling from the sky,
You maybe feeling loneliness of being trapped in a blizzard,
You maybe feeling so much guilt that you'd rather take your own life away.

God has created the past, present, and future
So that we can always find a way to escape from the deepest sorrow.
You are alive, here and now.

42. In the depths of sorrow...

Are you in the darkest depths of despair ?
If you are, then you have no more sorrow to fear.
Only the good awaits you ahead,
All you have to do is stop crying.

43. No matter how deep your sorrow is, the memories of your loved one will fade away...

Like a castle in the sand
Being washed away little by little by ocean waves,
Your sorrow will fade away in time.
And memories of your loved one,
Just like a castle in the sand,
Will not last forever no matter how much you treasure them.

After all, it's only a castle in the sand.
Blown in the wind and rain,
It returns to the sea.

44. In the world of darkness where everything has lost its color...

Perhaps you have been thrown into the world of darkness
Where everything you once enjoyed and cherished has lost its color.
Yet you must believe that in the still of darkness comes the dawn,
And when the cold mist of emptiness is gone,
There will be bright rays of warm sun shining upon you once again.

45. Comfort your own soul...

If there was someone who is sad and weak,
Wouldn't you offer words of encouragement and comfort ?
In the same way,
Be gentle to yourself and comfort your own soul.
You know better than anyone else about this pain in your heart,
You have seen so many long, crying nights,
But you should know what makes you feel better and strong.
You have given all your love, and you have been left with a sorrow;
So, comfort your own soul,
And think of giving yourself the love and kindness you need.

46. We must all pursue happiness...

To be happy, everyone must overcome many walls of sadness and suffering.
It is our responsibility to pursue our own happiness - live and be happy.

47. A child unborn...

So the child never had a chance to see your face,
And never had a chance to be held in your arms...
But the child spent an entire life with you, within you.
The child has lived and died blessed by you and your love.

48. Children who died young have become angels in Heaven...

Childlike innocence, pure expression of love and righteousness.
These are some of the characteristics we lose as we grow up and get older.
Children who died young have been chosen to be near God as angels
Without ever losing their purity through the ugliness of reality.
They have died never having have to experience the hardships of life.
The lives they led must have been happy ones.

Children who died young are the owners of shining souls.
They had little to learn from this world.

49. Reincarnation...

When a loved one is gone,
You'd look for his or her image in everything that you see,
And everything that's within you like your dreams.
You'd see your loved one full of youth and energy,
An exact image of how you'd like to see your loved one again.

When you lose your parents,
There will always be someone who reflects the images of your parents,
Someone who is young and alive.
And that someone is...
You !
Friends of your mother,
Relatives of your father,
They will search images of your parents in you.
For them, you are the one that keeps your parents alive in their dreams.

You have been brought into this world through your parents' love and affection.
You have the deepest relationship with your parents.
You have inherited much of your parents' spiritual existence and physical traits.
You are the regeneration of your dear parents.

You must get over this pain and shine brighter than your parents.

50. As the river flows, life flows...

Look at a busy street,
And see them all, young and old, men and women.
Now, imagine them 100 years from now.
Most of them would be dead and gone,
Yet on the same street 100 years from now,
There will be people from all walks of life strolling by,
It's business as usual.

There are as many deaths as there are births,
People live and people die...
We all live and we all die...
Those who walk on this street 100 years from now,
They are all children of our generation.

As the river flows, life flows.

51. Your loved one has been reunited with nature where life began...

Before there was life on earth,
There was land, there was ocean, and there was air
From which all living things were born.
Your loved one has gone back to where we all once belonged.

52. The law of nature...

Flowers blossom, then leave seeds and wither.
As seasons change, flowers will return.
People are born, then raise children and die.
That's how life is,
Inherited from one generation to another.
This is called the law of nature.

Your parents have lived and died according to the law of nature,
They have left a precious life called "you" here in this world.
Now, it is your turn to carry on with the life your parents have given you,
And let it live on in your children.
Life flows as one long river.

53. Everything tangible will eventually perish...

All living things are destined to die.
All of us are destined to leave this world someday.
Death is not an accident; it's an inevitable consequence that happens to us all.
The only difference is whether your loved one dies before you or after you.

54. Your loved one wouldn't have wished to watch you suffer like this...

No matter how much you cry, your loved one is not coming back.
No matter how sad you are, your loved one is no longer here.
Every life has its share of reality that won't let you go.

Just imagine what your loved one would say to you now if he or she were alive.
Your loved one wouldn't have wished to watch you suffer like this.
So stop crying,
Stop feeling sad.
If your loved one is alive in your heart,
Then you must hear the voice whispering in your heart,
"Please don't cry so much..."

When you can no longer sense the presence of the loved one within you,
You may be losing him or her forever from being in your heart.
Don't let it happen,
You must keep straining your ears to hear the voice that lives on in you.

Watching each other...

After the tears have dried, think quietly of that person.
Do not discriminate considerations, do not judge what should have been done,
and just imagine that person's face and figure.
At that time, do not speak any words, and just watch that person.
That person will surely give you the gift of quietly watching you in return.
Feel the existence of that person in the silence.

At that time, without relying on words, you will receive that person's thoughts.

55. Death may be the most desirable thing of all...

Socrates once said,
"For the ones who are left behind, death is a sad and painful event. But
for those who died, death may be the best thing that has ever happened to them."

56. Since crying will not bring them back...

Where did we come from?
Where do we go from here ?
Has your loved one acquired eternal life and is living happily in Heaven ?
Or has your loved one simply disappeared from this world forever ?
In the midst of all these questions, there is one thing that is clear -
No matter how many tears you shed,
The person you are longing for will not return.
But you are here now and you are alive.
Will you live your life to fulfill your own dreams as well as your loved one's ?

57. Heaven and Hell...

All those people who are no longer here with us,
Where have they gone ?
They have gone to Heaven, not to Hell.
Don't you worry,
How would someone who has been loved by you so much
Ever fall to darkness ?

58. Destiny...

One can never know what will happen in a person's life.
The future is uncertain,
And there is nothing you can be sure of
Except that we are all going to die one day.

59. Think about dying...

Facing death could result in a better life.
Do not take anything for granted,
And ask yourself a serious question.
"What am I living for ?"
"What is the purpose of my life ?"
Think and you will know the true meaning of your existence.

60. Time is the essence of life...

Life is made of time.
Hasn't the death of your loved one irradiated a time in your life
Like flashes of lightning ?
Sooner or later, you will die too.
Isn't there anything you would like to do before your time is up ?
You, like everyone else, only have limited time.
Because we'll all die eventually,
We are all death row inmates, they say.
The death of your loved one must've shed a new light on your life.
Don't waste what you have realized through the light,
Don't waste the time you have.

To you who are down and in despair...

Sorrow and pain only affirm the depth of your love.
Suffering and loss only affirm your devotion to life.

If you confront these emotions head on, your body and heart may become exhausted.
At times, everything may become intolerable.

Are you now living helplessly dreaming your life away?
Do you think you can no longer start your own life over?

That is not so. As long as you are yourself and you feel discontent in your life,
you can start over. As long as you continue to judge yourself this way so highly
in your heart, you are really the same as you were in the past.

Empower your real self.

61. Laugh, don't cry...

Those around you do not want to see you cry,
They all want to see smiles on your face,
They are all concerned about you.
Don't cry, smile...
For yourself, for those who love you.

62. Everyone carries the burden of sorrow...

Many of the people living in this world know
The sadness of losing someone they love.
They have all overcome a grief to live a normal life.
When you are surrounded by sorrow,
It may seem easy to feel that every sadness everywhere
Is all falling upon your shoulders,
But remember -
Within every heart,
There is loneliness, sadness, and sorrow.

63. A gift for your loved one who's in Heaven...
People are amazing creatures.

Even when your life is full of so much sorrow that you wake up crying every morning,
You still have the ability to laugh and talk and act cheerfully while in the presence of others.
It relieves everyone of worrying about you,
It allows you to have a moment of happiness.
Crying every day, laughing every day,
Either way it's your choice
But your loved one wants you to live a happy life...
Experience all the good things your loved one would have enjoyed.
You'll have tales to tell when you see him or her again
When you are in Heaven.

64. Death is unbiased...

In the vastness of the universe,
Human life is like a blink of an unknown star.
To live and to die,
It is one destiny all living things must accept.
Some live long, some die young,
You may resent God for taking your loved one away.
But -
The longer the person lives,
The more sorrow he or she must endure.
The longer the person lives,
The more deaths of loved ones he or she must encounter.
Death is unbiased...

65. Death after a long illness, or death without a warning...

Your loved one may have fought,
And lost the fight of his or her life,
Or may have been involved in an accident,
And died a sudden death.

Those who passed away after a long illness,
They have left this world
Surrounded by, in return for accepting prolonged pain and suffering,
Love of family, love of friends, and love of you.

Those who died without a warning,
They have left this world
Before having time to wince over thoughts of leaving their loved ones behind,
They only had to feel the pain for the flash of a second.

Could it be that your loved one's death, while it is your tragedy,
Is not the only cruel death recorded in human history.

66. Live each and every moment to the fullest...

"I shouldn't have said that..."
"I should've been kinder and more considerate..."
In remorse, that's when you are more apt to weep.
As you reflect upon the relationship you had with your loved one,
Your soul is purified, your sins repented of.
You will learn through the death of your loved one
What an ideal relationship is all about.

67. Everything in life has a meaning...

Nothing in life goes wasted,
Even this grief you are going through now
Will become a big step that takes you closer to the true meanings of life.
Think of it this way -
These tears, they flow to mend your broken heart and cleanse your spirit,
And this sorrow, it shows you the preciousness of love.
This suffering is to help you become someone who understands the pain in others' hearts.

68. Flowers in winter...

There are flowers that blossom in harsh, cold winter.
Why do flowers bloom ?
No, there is no reason, they bloom because they live.
They don't wilt and die just because it's cold.
You must be feeling like your will to live has been uprooted by this sorrow,
But like flowers in winter,
Why not live to live ?

Being kind and peaceful to people...

Don't you think you should be kind and peaceful to everyone?
Don't you think you want to live from now on without hurting anyone?

If that is how you feel, you also must not hurt yourself.
You do not have the right to hurt yourself.

69. From time to time, you must wash dirt away from your heart...

Heart does not come with an owner's manual,
But, once in a while, it needs to be cleaned and refreshed,
It should stay free of dirt called stress.
You must learn the different ways to shine your heart -
Even on a day when it's pouring outside,
You must not forget to wash your heart.

70. Sorrow is the sign of a new life...

Pain lets you know when there is something wrong with your body.
When there is a pain in your heart, it is called "sadness"
After losing a love it had, your heart is begging for more love.
Pain is so intense, it makes you cry.
It reminds you the importance of love you had,
It is the sign that you need a new love, a new life...

71. Giving up is the scariest thing to do...

Someone once said,
"Encountering life's hardships, being betrayed by someone you trusted,
feeling pain in your heart, suffering from sorrow... None of these is more scary than giving up because there is no future once you give up."

Sadness may put a lock on your heart,
But don't let it make you give up on your life.

Even so, continue to live.

Not matter how down and out you are, you have no other choice but to continue living.
Anyway you think of it, dying is even more terrible than living
and dying scatters the pain of loss that inflicts a destructive and damaging
influence on all survivors.

It does not matter if you are paralyzed or depressed.
It is said that starting from the beginning of your life there will be years
that you must throw away. The true value of people shines because they can endure.

No matter whether you are sad twenty four hours a day, it is not intolerable.
Observe and find the small things that make you glad in everyday life.
Happiness is around you.

72. No one dies a death, it is like sleeping...

Death never existed for those who have passed away
Because they died before they ever felt death.
It is like sleeping...
Like you never remember the moment you fall asleep...
They may have gone through pain and fear moments before they died,
But now, they are asleep,
Asleep in peace forever.

73. Dreams...

Life is like a dream.
A dream is not a dream
While you're dreaming.

74. Facing death, we drop our masks and become who we are...

You'd become soaked in sadness,
You'd cry like a small child,
You'd ask for forgiveness with all your heart,
You'd speak out your love with all sincerity,
You'd face death and realize the true meaning of your existence...
That's when you'd find yourself in a deeper state of mind,
No longer hiding behind a mask.

75. True art is a creation of extreme sorrow...

Art that moves people,
Created by the deep and pure soul,
Created through the eyes that have seen many people, many lives,
Created through all that pain, all that suffering,
And through sheer desperation,
True art is a creation of extreme sorrow.

Art that moves people,
It is the direct result of one's true desires and longings.
Every path one's soul has taken,
It is all etched on the face of art that moves people.

76. Words Pt.1

"I love you","Thank you","I am sorry"
Perhaps these are the words
You wish you had said more often to your loved one
While he or she was still alive.
And now you are blaming yourself...

There is no relationship with perfect communication,
Yet your loved one must have been aware somehow
That you had always wanted to say these words.

77. Words II

Even if you were able to say all the words you wish you had said,
You would have felt the same sadness.
Successful (and unsuccessful) communication,
It does not alter the sincerity and depth of your love,
Nor the way your loved one cares about you.
Although none of us is perfect,
We are all blessed by the sea of love that lies between us,
It allows us to, without saying a word,
Sail and reach each other.

78. Your loved one has attained eternity...

Like the earth that travels around the sun and through the heavens,
Like the oceans that cover the earth,
Like the breeze across the ocean,
Your loved one has become forever a part of nature -
He or she has completed life on this planet,
And now lives in the spiritual world
Where everything is clear as spring water,
Where there is no suffering, sorrow or desires.

79. Bonds...

If it had been you who died,
The grief would have been just as intolerable for your loved one
As it has been for you.

80. The person your loved one cherished...

We are all born into this world alone, and die alone.
But there is something wonderful between the cradle and the grave;
Like sharing life with others, like learning how to love...

Ever since the moment you were born,
You have been living your life to be you.
You are the result of your own dreams,
You are the result of your own creation.

You are also the result of your relationship with your loved one.
Just as he or she was a part of you,
You were a part of him or her.

There is only one "you" that your loved one ever loved.
Just like the way he or she cherished you,
You must cherish your own life
Because you are the person your loved one has so cherished.

81. The value of life...

What else do you wish besides having your loved one back and alive ?
Cars and high-rise condos and diamonds...?
No, no, no,
You must have lost all your materialistic desires.
You must have prayed to God
Asking him to take your life away and bring your loved one back to life.
What is the most important thing in life ?
It is life.
Your loved one's life, your life, and every life.

82. For those who have lost a source of comfort...

So you have lost your loved one.
So you have lost your faith in religion,
Now there is no one to comfort you,
And you only feel loneliness.

So you are wondering why your loved one had to die,
So you are blaming God for putting you through this agony,
Now you grieve and say, "There is no God !"
And start asking yourself questions about living and loving -
"Will I ever love someone again and go through this pain again ?"
"Why love if it's lost again ? What is love anyway ?"
These are the questions that bring you closer to God, and love.

You are thinking as hard as never before
About God, life, death and love.
What used to be abstruct in your life,
They are now reality.
This is the test to see how you handle life
And how you react to it.
Soon, you will realize that you have grown inside, and your world has broadened.
That's when you'll have your own answer to each question.

Compared with the pain in this heart...

There is no longer anything you are afraid of in this world.
Even inevitable death is no longer a subject of your fear.
Sickness and physical pain are not intolerable when compared with
the pain of losing that person. How much is the sorrow of a broken heart
when compared with the sorrow over the death of that person?
Because, even though you were betrayed, that person is still alive somewhere
in this world.
Torment and confusion at work are nothing compared to the cruelty of losing that person.

You who have overcome the most excruciatingly painful trial of all can easily overcome any difficulty.
You have been granted true bravery and great patience in exchange for your sorrow and pain.
These are realized in depth proportional to the sorrow and pain,
and these are gifts from that person.

There is no longer anything in this world you are afraid of.
Spend the rest of your life fulfilling the needs of your spirit.

83. Without death, there would be no birth, without breaking up, there would be no love...

As there is light and there is shadow,
There is life and there is death.
As there is no one-sided coin,
Everything has another side.
Without breaking up, there would be no love.
Without sadness of losing a loved one, there would be no joy for the birth of a new life.
In our life only so long, we are given light and shadow, and we learn to color them.
Without death, there would be no birth,
Without breaking up, there would be no love...

We live in a world of two opposing values.

84. Rebirth Pt.1

When the pain is gone and the sorrow has turned into memories,
You have then experienced the death and the rebirth of love.
You have then learned about love's light and love's shadow.

Your love will be deeper,
Your life will be more meaningful,
You have overcome hardships of living,
You have been blessed.

85. Rebirth Pt.2

You have a choice between light and shadow.
You choose shadow, there will be no more broken hearts, but it's a lonely place.
You are sad because you want love,
You are lonely because you need the light.
Be strong, live the life you have always dreamed of living,
Look into the bottom of your soul and find what you really need.


Repentance is not death.
It is living, confronting, and enduring.

Repentance is not for strangers.
It is a problem of your own heart.

Eventually, the day will come when you can quietly forgive yourself.
Surely, at that time, you will sense that the light is radiant,
the wind is calm, and the flowers are beautiful.

----The storm has passed.

86. Your loved one has simply become invisible...

At the end of the day,
The sun will fade and everything becomes one big shadow.
But the sun did not die,
It has simply gone to the other side of the earth.
There, the sun is shining and giving light and warmth upon every blessed soul.
Your loved one, just like the sun, has simply become invisible to your eyes.
There is a world which we cannot see.

87. There may be no God, but you can choose to be an angel...

What do all these tragedies happening around the world mean ?
At times, you can't help but think there is no God.
Most of all, why did your loved one have to die ?
Is this world only full of confusion and cruelty ?
Go ahead and cry out loud, "There is no God."
You don't need God who created the world
Where misfortune falls on the poor.

But remember that it is your grief that represents the love, kindness and righteousness in you,
And that you have the ability to change the world, little by little.
You cannot make someone live again,
But you can help starving children with charity,
You can save them from dying,
You can save their mothers from crying.
Here in this world, you are an angel.

88. A secret...

Let's just say there is God and an afterlife,
And you will be able to see your loved one once you are dead.
If this were true, and everyone knew about it,
Then too many of us would choose to take our own lives.

If you were God,
You would hide this truth from people
So that no one would commit suicide,
So that your purpose for creating people would not be abandoned.

Let me tell you one big secret...
You will see your loved one again
Because a true love never dies -
As long as you overcome your sorrow,
And live your life to the fullest.