Euler no. E106

    Subject: Euler no. E106
    Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 13:21:58 +0000
    From: Allan MacLeod <>

Hi there,

I have managed to finish the factorisation of E106.

The following output shows the data for the remaining C125 
from your table.

GMP-ECM 3, by P. Zimmermann (Inria), 17 Sep 1998, with contributions from
T. Granlund, P. Leyland, C. Curry, A. Stuebinger, G. Woltman, JC. Meyrignac.

Input number is 1050336553441621925459293190033104542753818
                370674031522619409248181603306153425241 (125 digits)

Using B1=3000000, B2=300000000, polynomial x^30, sigma=1762871687
Step 1 took 1087912ms for 39102834 muls, 3 gcdexts
Step 2 took 512582ms for 16480797 muls, 29004 gcdexts
********** Factor found in step 2: 1150887066548393492521971151372616707

Found probable prime factor of 37 digits: 1150887066548393492521971151372616707

Probable prime cofactor 9126321634595034939352195372287983527
                        423380224386163 has 88 digits

I have tested the "probable primes" and they are both true primes.

Allan MacLeod


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