Personal History

1929 Born and grew up in Kyoobashi, Tokyo.
1950 Graduated from Waseda University Industrial Art Institute
Studied to be a stage artist while giving lectures on the history of western clothing at a dress designers' school.
1953 Obtained permission to go abroad. At that time it was extremely difficult to obtain such permission. After WWII the authorities did not allow any US dollars to be exported so I left Japan without any money and I was the first Japanese to travel around the world for three years without carrying any money.
1957 Set up the first color photo design exhibition using a newly developed Japanese printing paper. I became the first "art director" in Japan. Worked with Rokusuke Ei for the Asahi Graph. Mr. Ei wrote the essays and I drew illustrations. A term "Irasuto" was coined from "illustration" by me and this became a vogue expression. I became the first illustrator in Japan and have worked in this field since then
1976 Awarded the Publication Culture Prize by Kodansha



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