Sylvius Leopold Weiß

Lute Duos

missing part reconstructed by Karl-Ernst Schröder

Karl-Ernst Schröder (known as Charlie) suddenly passed away at his home in Basel on November 5th, 2003.

Charlie was an accomplished lutenist and continuo player. He was also known for his friendly personality and as an excellent teacher and has friends and admirers in Japan.

Charlie's performance can be heard on number of CDs. The Weiss lute duet CD that he recorded with his friend Robert Barto is one of the most memorable lute CDs to lute enthusiasts.

In the Dresden and London manuscripts, there is only one part of the duet. Charlie reconstructed the lost part and recorded the piece with Robert Barto. Charlie distributed the music himself, and after his death, it has not been possible to obtain his reconstructioned part legally. By request of Robert Barto, we are posting the music to this public domain. We hope that this wonderful music will be played by many baroque lute players for years to come.

Charlie Duo
Charlie Duo concert by Bob and Charlie
At LSA Summer Seminar 2000 (photo by Takahiro SUZUKI)

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