Tsunemasa 経政

  Taira-no-Tsunemasa was killed in the battle of Ichinotani. Shugaku-Hoshin-no, a member of the Royal family, who had admired Tsunemasa's skill in playing BIWA (Japanese lute), ordered the priest Gyoke to have a funeral ceremony for Tsunemasa with music. Shugaku had once lent his excellent BIWA, named SEIZAN, to Tsunemasa. He thought that it would be a good present to Tsunemasa if SEIZAN is displayed on the altar.
  The funeral ceremony was taken throughout the night. In the midnight, the ghost of Tsunemasa faintly appeared. He thanked the attendants to have such a ceremony for him, and played SEIZAN and showed a graceful dance. But soon he was caught by the suffer of the hell. Whoever died in a battle, must continue to fight in the hell. Being ashamed in showing his fighting scene, Tsunemasa jumped into the lighting fire to snuff and disappeared into the dark.

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