Tadanori 忠度

Act 1.
  After Fujiwara-no-Shunzei, a great poet, died, one of his retainer became a Buddhism priest. He traveled western countries and, one day, came to Suma beach (not so far from Ichinotani, and very famous of its picturesque scenery.) An old man appeared. He carried woods with a blooming cherry branch on his back. He worshiped to a cherry tree and said to the priest, " This is the memorial place of a noble man." When the priest asked whether he could stay overnight at the old man's hut, the old man answered, "The best place for you to spend a night is under this cherry tree. Don't you know Tadanori's famous poem?

This is the place where Tadanori has been buried. As you know, both Tadanori and Shunzei were great poets and good friends. Since you were a retainer of Shunzei, you may also have some bonds with Tadanori." Witnessing on the priest worshiping to the cherry tree, the old man continued. "I have come to see you because I earnestly wanted to get your prayer for the eternal rest. I'll appear again in your dream." The old man disappeared into the dusk.

Act 2.
  In the midnight, the ghost of Tadanori appeared in a beautiful war costume. He said that he still felt regrettable about the fact that his poem was accepted in Senzai-shu (an anthology of poems) as a poem by an anonymous poet. When Shunzei edited Senzai-shu, he could not write Tadanori's name, because, at that time, the Heike clan (Tadanori was a major member of the clan) was enemy of the Royal family. Tadanori begged to the priest, "Please visit Fujiwara-no-Teika (a son of Shunzei and a great and leading poet at that time) and aske him to open Tadanori's name to public as the poet of the Senzai-shu's poem."
  Then he told about the war in which he died. On the day, he must have left Kyoto, he visited Shunzei and gave him poems as his memory. In the battle of Ichinotani, he made a combat with Okabe-no-Rokuyata, and lost his life. Rokuyata found a piece of paper on which a poem was written. He realized that he killed a famous poet and prayed for him of the eternal rest. Asking to the priest for praying for the eternal rest, the ghost disappeared.

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