Ohara-goko 大原御幸

Act 1.
  Kenrei-mon'in was a daughter of Taira-no-Kiyomori, the great leader of the Heike clan. She got married with Emperor Takakura, a son of Ex-emperor Goshirakawa, who was the actual leader of the Royal family. When she had a son, Kiyomori forced Emperor Takakura to resign and made his grandson the new emperor. This was Emperor Antoku. Soon Kiyomori died and shortly after his death the Heike clan lost the war between the Genji. In the final battle at Dan-no-ura, Kenrei-mon'in dove into the sea with her son. Her son died, but she was saved her life by soldiers of the Genji and was sent back to Kyoto. She lived in a small temple, Jakko-in, which was located in Ohara, northern suburb of Kyoto. Every day she prayed the eternal rest for the Heike people especially for her son.
  One day in a late spring, Goshirakawa decided to visit Kenrei-mon'in to console with each other and ordered his retainers to prepare the trip (Ohara-Goko means the emperor's trip to Ohara) . On the same morning, Kenrei-mon'in and her fellow nun went into nearby hills to get wild vegetables to eat and some flowers for decoration.

Act 2.
  When Goshirakawa arrived at Jakko-in, Kenrei-mon'in was still absent, but soon she came back. She appreciated for visiting her and told him a long, sorrowful story she had experienced. How the Heike people fought with the Genji, how they died in the battle, how Antoku died, how she was saved her life, and so on. After the long story, Goshirakawa left Jakko-in feeling as if his heart left behind. Kenrei-mon'in saw him off at the gate.

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