Kiyotsune 清経

  Taira-no-Kiyotsune committed suicide. He dove into the sea at Yanagigaura, Kyushu (the westernmost islands among the four biggest Japanese Islands). Before his death, he ordered Awazu-no-Samuro, a retainer, to bring his hairs to his wife as his memory.
  Samuro came back to Kyoto and visited Kiyotsune's wife. He said to her. "Kiyotsune committed suicide, because he was afraid that he might be killed by the rank and file in a battle. He chose the suicide as an honorable death." The wife was shocked to hear the story. "Recently, I have heard that Kiyotsune survived in the latest war in Kyushu. Why dare he terminate his own life? I could accept his death, if he had been lost in a battle or he died from a disease. He must have been lunatic to commit a suicide." She wept bitterly, exhausted, and fell asleep.
  In her dream, Kiyotsune appeared. She blamed him of leaving her alone, of irresponsibly lost his life. Kiyotsune told a long story of the days of war. How he was anxious and lonely and felt helplessly. The Heike continuously lost wars. He went to a famous shrine (Usa Hachiman-gu) to pray for Heike's luck, but nothing good happened. He felt abandoned and could not find any hope in the future. One night, in the clear moon light, after he played flute and sang songs, he jumped into the sea and killed himself.
  Then he showed a scene of a battle in hell. He continued, "Since I prayed to Buddha at the very last moment of my life, I was saved from the torture of hell." Then he disappeared from her dream.

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