Atsumori 敦盛

Act 1.
  Kumagai-Jiro-Naozane was a soldier of the Genji clan. He killed Taira-no-Atsumori in the battle of Ichinotani. Atsumori was 16 years old. When Naozane found that Atsumori was as old as his own son who had been lost in the same battle, he hesitated to kill Atsumori, but since there were many Genji soldiers, he decided to kill Atsumori by his own sword. After the war, Naozane became a Buddhist priest and was called Rensho (Buddhism name). Now, he visited Ichinotani again to pray the eternal rest of Atsumori.
  There was a sound of flute and several men appeared with reaping hooks. One of them started to talk with Rensho about flutes, and during the talk the other men disappeared. Rensho asked him why he alone stayed behind. The man implied that he was a ghost of Atsumori. Asking Rensho to pray for his eternal rest, the ghost disappeared.

Act 2.
  While Rensho was praying, the ghost of Atsumori appeared. The ghost told memories of the happy days when the Heike was in Its acme, of the dreadful experiences in the war. He recalled that, even in the battle field, he played his flute and danced gracefully over night. Finally he showed a battle scene in which he was killed by Naozane. The ghost said, "Now I can kill you, but, as you pray for me every day, you are not my enemy any more. Please pray for me, now and forever." and disappeared.

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