Bedford, David (U.K.) b.1937

The golden wine is drunk for 16 solo voices
Text:Ernest Dowson
1974混声 SSSSAAAATTTTBBBBa cappella
録音Netherlands Chamber Choir(John Alldis) -GLOBE
Commissioned by John Alldis for the John Alldis Choir with funds made available by the Arts Coucil of Great Britain.
Dedicated to John Alldis , Sue, Sarah, Emily, Tammy, Chloe and the little man in the soiled lemon-coloured suit.

Two poems for chorus on words of Kenneth Patchen ("The love poems", City Light Books, San Francisco)
Text:Kenneth Patchen
1963混声 SATB,diva cappella
1O new the drenched land wakes6S6A6T6B
2The great birds12S6A6T6B

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