CHAN 9480 Alfred Schnittke: Stikhi Pokayanniye
Stikhi Pokayanniye
Music:Alfred Schnittke
11.Adam sat weeping at the gate of paradise
22.O wilderness, gather me to your silent and gentle lap
33.That is why I live i poverty
44.My soul, why are you in a state of sin?
55.O Man, doomed and wretched
66.When they beheld the ship that suddenly came
77.Oh my soul, why are you not afraid
88.If you wish to overcome unending sorrow
99.I have reflected on my life as a monk
1010.Christian people, gather together!
1111.I entered this life of tears a naked infant
13Golosa Prirodï
Music:Alfred Schnittke

合唱:Danish National Radio Choir
指揮:Stefan Parkman
ビブラフォン:Gert Sørensen([13])

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