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All copyrights of music in this page are reserved by Tetsuji Katsuda. Please feel free to use these MIDI files for BGM of personal home-pages. If you send me an e-mail, I well be very glad!  (Midi files are tuned for GM.)
MIMI WO SUMASEBA - pipe organ -
Composed around 1986. This is a ballad with orchestra. If you want to listen to vocal, please down load MP3.
Glass Summer
Composed around 1995. 
Some part of this tune is arranged by Mr. Uchiyama. 
Download(Pop arrange)
Download(Jazz arrange)
Snow on the Sidewalk 
Composed around 1992. 
This is originally for piano solo. 
If you like this tune, please listen to MP3 data of Fine Rain also.  
Download(Piano Version) 
Download (Music Box Version) 
I don't like Xmas
This is piano music.
Law Library  
Composed around 1995. 
Law Library is a name of building in Columbia University. 
This is in pop music style with guitar, piano, drums and bass. 
Download (Normal Version) 
Download (Loop Version) 
Street corner of Paris  
This tune is image of street corner of Paris. (I had composed this tune before I visited Paris.)
Download (Loop version)
This tune is for my friend.
Song for John Done
This tune was composed for Innocent Marple Project.